Yisrael’s Sax Debut

A few weeks ago Yisrael began saxophone lessons at the Ma’ale Adumim Music Conservatory. Due to illness, delays in instrument delivery and instructor’s time conflicts, he had a total of 2 one-on-one lessons and one ensemble practice prior to last evening’s concert. Fortunately he has his father’s laid back personality so there wasn’t any anxiety on his part and no stage fright (unlike his mother).

His ensemble performed “London Bridge” and “Ode to Joy” (in the video below).

This being my first exposure to Israeli music education, I was rather surprised and disappointed to hear that the majority of the tunes that weren’t classical were American – no Klezmer (which I was hoping for) or Israeli music was played, at least not to my knowledge.

I was encouraged (that I’m not wasting money on lessons) as each performance demonstrated improvement which peaked (okay, remember that these are children – not professionals yet) with the finale conducted by the Conservatory’s Director, Binyamin Shapiro.

Aside from the introductions being made in Hebrew, I didn’t find this event much different from school concerts in America.


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