Will Your Son Marry a Jewish Girl?

I watched a series of touching videos at There Is One today – Thank You and Kol HaKavod to Gutman Locks 😀

In the following video clip there was something that bothered me. I don’t think they intended to send this particular message, but it hit me. Please watch it and then read on.

Did you notice that when told to tell his son to marry a Jewish girl, the American hesitated and appeared uncomfortable? Maybe at his son’s bar mitzvah he was taken back by the idea of him marrying at all. But the contrast between him and the Israeli fathers was glaring. For the Israelis the bracha for their sons that they’ll marry Jewish girls seemed to be a given. So much so that not all were told to give that particular bracha because the attitude was that of course they will marry Jewish girls. And the brachas they gave their sons were meaningful and beautiful.

In my opinion that has to do with living in the Holy Land. There is a connection here to God and things Holy that just can’t be experienced in other lands.

Now on to reaction of the young men of marriageable age…

Standing in the holiest area on earth many of them were willing to commit to marrying a Jewish girl, but there were those few Americans who were hesitant. The seeds of assimilation have been sown and it is very sad.

Please seriously ask yourself (and honestly answer yourself – not me): Where should my children be growing up – in self-imposed exile or The Holy Land gifted to the descendants of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov?

It is a gift to you from Hashem; will you return it to customer service for something more appealing? Or will you come home?


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