Will You Join the Fight?

Last week Rabbi Bini Maryles cleverly asked “Where Have You Gone Judah Maccabee?” in hopes that his article would cause some modern-day heroes to step up to the plate. At this special time of year when Jews retell the Chanukah story of the Maccabee’s heroic success (despite all odds) in defeating the enemy and rededicating the Holy Temple, I encourage you to view the “Where is the Peace” video (below or via this link) and stand up and join the fight for Israel’s right to exist within the Biblical boundaries set forth in The Torah.

Yesterday I attended a Sderot Fair at Nefesh B’Nefesh in Jerusalem and was disappointed to see the very small turnout during the lunch hour. I happily purchased some stone bakeware that I’ve been needing. If you’re interested in supporting the people or businesses of Sderot, and weren’t able to attend yesterday’s fair, please use the following links:

  • Sderot Mall – online shopping mall with Judaica, kitchenware, art, and other gift items.
  • Hope for Sderot – scroll down the page on the right and you’ll see a DONATE box. While there, you should browse through the news articles and you can also subscribe to their content feed to keep up-to-date on what’s happening there.
  • Sderot Media Center provides “The Human Face Behind the Headlines” and is an excellent place to visit if you’re seeking the truth about what “land for peace” really accomplishes. They also have a very modest donate button at the bottom of the page that you can use to help them continue sharing the truth with the world.
  • The Orthodox Union also has a tax deductible donation form to help the residents of Sderot.

Excerpt from the18.org website

Last week, with the full backing of the Bush administration, the UN Security Council passed a resolution (#1850) urging Israel to continue negotiating “core” issues with the Palestinians and pledging to stop at nothing in forcing a two state solution down Israel’s throat.

The full court press toward a Palestinian state is being called “irreversible” by Bush administration officials.

As respected Israeli political analyst Michael Freund noted in a recent article: “He [President Bush[ is attempting to impose a diplomatic straitjacket on Israel’s democracy by trying to compel the next government to continue with the largely futile process of negotiating with the Palestinian leadership.”

Anyone who has been watching Israel with even half an eye open since 1993 recognizes that the Oslo process that was predicated on “land for peace” has resulted in anything but peace.

Despite this reality, today we are facing the prospect of the creation of a Palestinian state in the Middle East. If we allow that to happen, the Middle East will face certain economic and political chaos.

We must join forces now to take a stand. Together with you, the18 will run a focused professional campaign on many fronts to coalesce those who are committed to fighting for Israel’s future. Join us now so we may prove our strength to sway public opinion and convince opinion makers that a two state solution is no solution.

There were two miracles of Chanukah, the oil and the military victory against the oppressor. When living in foreign lands, we sometimes tend not to play up the military victory in deference to political correctness. But today (as in the days of the Maccabees) Israel has a government swarming with traitorous leaders who have turned their back on their fellow Jews and if we, as individuals, don’t stand up and fight (i.e., with our voices, our votes, our money and whatever else is necessary) what legacy are we leaving our children? Personal/Spiritual growth and moving beyond our comfort zones is often painful. I guarantee you that doing nothing will prove worse as history repeats itself. Please help in any way you can.


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