What’s Up with the Quality of Dell Laptops Lately?

You haven’t heard much from me in the past 10 days because I haven’t had time to complete the installation of all of my software on the new hard drive that Dell sent me. By the way, as I mentioned previously they insisted on sending it via my US mailing address which cost me $40 to FedEx here. Then FedEx charged me 180 shekels – approx. $50 – in customs fees to receive it! On top of that I had to Express Mail back the bad hard drive (approx. $20) to my brother Vincent in the US so he could remove the outer package and call DHL to pick up the package with Dell’s warranty replacement label on it because that’s the only way Dell would accept it! I’m not kidding, they told me I couldn’t ship it directly from Israel to them because they only accept the packages via a special arrangement with DHL and it has to be US-DHL, not from another country! For that $110 I bet I could have purchased a comparable drive here and had it much more quickly and conveniently. So much for warranty replacements from Dell.

Advice: Either bring an extra laptop and/or parts – or buy an international warranty from Dell prior to moving to Israel. Or maybe don’t buy from Dell at all. I don’t imagine I will after this one (that cost me $1800 in January 2007) has had major repairs twice in less than 3 months and my daughter’s went back 4 times during the 5 months she’s had it and still isn’t working (see Crash! There Goes Another Hard Drive)!


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