What is Wrong with this Country?!

Israeli news during the past week has been upsetting (at least to me). Wimpy officials gave in to the terrorists’ hunger strikecivilians attacked at Rachel’s Tomb, and more rocket and  rock-throwing attacks as Arabs “celebrate” their Nakba day.

What other country in the world would continue to allow their citizens to be subjected to terrorism at all? What is wrong with this country?  I’ll tell you… What’s wrong with Israel is the fact that millions of Jews choose to remain in exile and that sends a message to the world that either this country was never really ours or that Hashem isn’t powerful enough (G-d forbid!) to draw and maintain us here.

In a recent Jewish Press article, Tzvi Fishman wrote the following:

“And when they came to the nations into which they came, they profaned My Holy Name, in that men said of them: These are the people of the Lord, and they are gone out of His land” (Ezekiel, 36:20).

This prophecy informs us that the unnatural situation of Jews living outside the Land of Israel is a desecration of God. Why? Because in the eyes of the gentiles, our presence in the Diaspora proclaims that God lacks the power to keep us in His Land. That was back then in Ezekiel’s days. Now, in our time, when God has returned the Land of Israel to the Jews, the situation is even worse, for it seems, in the eyes of the gentiles, that in clinging to our Diaspora communities, we prefer foreign lands to His.

The truth is that the current Israeli government is not what it should be because many of you aren’t here to vote in the change required to bring in the type of government this land and our people were meant to have.

I’ve heard that there are many reasons why some people can’t or won’t make Aliyah. If you’re not currently living in Israel, I’d appreciate it if you’d share your reasons in the comment section below.  There are many of us here waiting to assist those whose hearts are here but bodies are elsewhere.  And just for my own sanity, I’d like to know why others refuse to perform this most important mitzvah.


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  1. Excellent, particularly the quote from Ezekiel. I’m continually astounded that educated, religious Jews can read the words of our prophets and yet fail to understand them.

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