What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

I’ve received a lot of great feedback from yesterday’s post (Are you Too Old to Make Aliyah?), thanks to all of you who wrote to me offline.

Since you’re already in that change state of mind (if you’re considering Aliyah, that is), another useful exercise to consider is that of carefully assessing your skills, hobbies and passions to determine if there is something else you’d rather be doing to make a living – something that could work here.

Go ahead and give it a try for maybe ten minutes, or a few hours – or a few days!



Got it?  Okay, now:

1) Research the Israeli business directories (e.g., Israel Science & Technology, NBN, etc.) email lists (there are many at Yahoo) and online discussions (e.g., LinkedIn and industry-specific sites) – and don’t forget Google – to determine if anyone else is already doing it.   Are they? If so, could there be room for another similar business (consider different angles and niches). 

2) Will this be a “one-wo/man show or would it be beneficial to partner with others?  Consider teaming up with other new olim by surveying olim-related email lists and online discussion forums (are you registered at the Anglo Aliyah Exchange yet?) 

3) Survey some lists and websites for Israeli pricing of whatever supplies (if applicable) you’ll need vs. what it would cost for you to pack and ship them in your lift.

4) Explore MATI,  NBN  and Voleh for resources for funding, business plans, legal and accounting services, etc.

5) Will you need to maintain a bank account and/or mailing address in the country you’re emigrating from?  If so, establish the services before your Aliyah flight.

6) Will you require the services of someone remaining in the “old country” to handle that end of the business? If so, consider meeting with and contracting with that person before leaving.

And remember to keep thinking outside the box!

Shabbat Shalom!


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