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There are lots of wonderful and inspiring blogs filling the blogosphere these days. So many that I often have difficulty finding time to read the ones I have subscribed to. After putting in an intense day of work yesterday I’m indulging this morning by catching up on some of my favorite reading and wow! some great articles have been posted during the past week. Since I couldn’t have said these things better myself, I decided to share these gems with you.

First up is No Need To Make Aliyah by Rivkah over at the Bat Aliyah blog. It breaks my heart that so many American Jews just don’t get it! Rivkah, I wish you an easy klita – may you arrive sooner than later!

Since Rivkah brought up politics, I’ll mention something I found amusing this morning… all over Twitter and across many, many blogs I’ve seen an announcement indicating that the U.N. has banned Christmas trees! Yes, you read that correctly. The United Nations has instituted a Climate Summit Christmas tree ban because the U.N. strives to remain neutral in all things (except Israel, Judaism and Christianity that is. Which of the three major religions does that leave? Hmmm…).

Officials for the Climate Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark (one of the world’s leading exporters of Christmas trees), said that Christmas is a religious holiday and symbols of religious holidays have no place at the summit. Selective political correctness? What about diversity and all that kumbaya stuff? (I have memories of the lobby of the Jewish-owned Cleveland bank I worked for decked out in a combination of Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa decorations dancing in my head. Along with many HR training sessions at the various companies I’ve worked for during the past 15 years on Political Correctness and Diversity.)

Anyway, back to the U.N.’s religion of choice… all hell broke loose over Switzerland’s announcement of their ban on minaret construction last week. It seems like everyone out there had a passionate opinion about this –

And predictably, the U.N. screamed “Discrimination”!

On Friday, Geert Wilders blog reported that he will be prosecuted next month for telling the truth in an attempt to save the world from Islamic domination via his documentary film Fitna and the many speeches he’s made (upon invitation) around the world. Seems as though our rights to FREEDOM OF SPEECH are being challenged again —and don’t think this can’t happen in the U.S., Obama has already stated on several occasions that he will not tolerate people speaking badly about Muslims.
(So if there’s something on this blog that you really like, maybe you should print it as a PDF to save on your computer!)

Depending on your age and your level of exposure to 70s off-color comedy, you may recall George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words routine (most of which have lost their shock value thanks to Hollyweird). Well, according to a Jihad Watch commentary on a Sun article, U.K. Government ministers were given a list of forbidden words and politically correct alternatives. That along with a report of women Jihadis at a TERRORIST Training compound in NY, should give you a good picture of the future that’s being planned for you courtesy of the U.N./U.K./U.S. which may soon be known as the U.N.I. (United Nations of Islam). If you read your Bibles faithfully, you might have already figured out where this is leading – but hey, don’t take my word for it, Dr. Hamid Tawfik, a Muslim and former terrorist has a message for you…

Watch on YouTube

All hope is not lost, Molotov Mitchell has some solutions for those who decide to remain in the U.S. – check out For the Record and scroll down to the “Power to the People” video. He’d also like to share this message with you:

And remember that Knowledge is Power.

In closing (I’ve made it through all the unread e-mail and RSS feeds while composing this for you!) Jameel over at The Muqata certainly caught everyone’s attention last week with his post titled Israel to Freeze Jewish Immigration – well done Jameel! Satire or not, it certainly is possible – which is why I’ve been begging you to make Aliyah as quickly as possible.


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