Week 16.71 – Lift Delivered

I know most of you are going to find this hard to believe but the day before Yom Kippur (October 7th) Sonigo delivered our lift! That made it 2 days short of 17 weeks!

Because of the timing of this delivery in the middle of the holidays we haven’t had time to unpack everything, but so far there are only a few damaged items: a coffee creamer was chipped, our metal office supply cabinet is pretty badly dented, and the nice wooden TV tray tables that Mom bought us for one of our anniversaries are all scratched up.

10/17/2008 Update: Photos have been added.

Truck Arrives!

They misspelled Israel!

Dented Cabinet


Scratched Tables

With our limited cabinet and closet space, we’ll be unpacking and organizing for weeks!




There was even damage to the inside of their lift vans.


Advice: Don’t ship lift vans! Ship at least a 20 foot container and if you can’t fill it by yourself, either stock up at BJs or Sam’s Club or share the container with someone else.


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