Washer & Dryer and Shuk Shopping

Wednesday, July 23rd:

Our washing machine was installed today! And the guy showed up ON TIME (with 15 minutes of the 6 hour window to spare)!

In Israel you must have a technician connect the washer in order for the warranty to be valid. I now know the reason; the technician is also a salesperson who brings all sorts of nifty add-ons with him, e.g., wheels to roll it around on, a magnet that magically prevents the minerals in the water from clogging up the motor, etc.

He left sale-less when Michael was done challenging him. That’ll teach this guy not to go up against a chemical engineer!

Washer and Dryer

Esther Aaron was kind enough to invite me to join her and Daniella for a Wednesday afternoon Shuk shopping experience. It was nice as she knew which vendors had the correct shmittah hechshers.
These photos are from January (no need for coats in Jerusalem in July!)






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