Waiting for Printer, Talpiot Shopping

Monday, July 21st:

We waited for the delivery man to bring us the HP M1522nf printer we ordered last Thursday – according to Oren at Logistic Laser it was supposed to be delivered last Thursday, if not then Sunday afternoon. Well we waited around all day Sunday and they didn’t show up.

When I called to complain today, they told us it would be here before noon. The guy showed up at 2:10 PM and he knew nothing about picking up my cartridges for the printer I no longer have and exchanging them for the new ones.

HP Printer

So around 3:30 we were finally off for an exciting shopping trip to Talpiot to complete our shopping for household items… We planned to go to Keter and a few other stores in Talpiot to shop for bathroom shelving/storage, bath mat, sofa (for when you come to visit!), computer shelving, printer paper, and oscillating fans (to keep the air conditioning expense within reason).

We waited about 40 minutes at the central bus station for the 21 or 21 Alef bus to take us to Talpiot. Neither came.

We did notice a bulldozer driver going back and forth and watched him like a hawk – fortunately for us he was a friendly worker, the next day the people on King David Street near the Yemin Moshe neighborhood weren’t so fortunate.

Eventually we saw the 21H and with the help of a nice lady we communicated with the bus driver and found out that it would eventually reach Talpiot (after going through the King George neighborhood).

It was hot and we were tired and hungry so I suggested we go to the Hadar Mall first to get something to refresh us. We stopped in the Schechem Electronics to confirm our washer and dryer were being delivered this week and then we went out and shopped the local stores in search of Keter (the place we were told we’d find shelving and storage). Most of the people we asked didn’t know where it was – others gave us incorrect directions.

We found a couple sofa recliners we liked but didn’t buy anything, deciding to check prices elsewhere first – surprisingly prices were comparable to those in the US. Eventually we found the Keter store and it was closed! It was 6:30 p.m. and they closed at 6. In case you’re ever looking for it, it’s next door to the police station on General Pierre Koenig St.

We made our way to Gumavir to find out when our beds and mattresses would be delivered and received a nice welcome with cold drinks. We were told that most of the company was at a trade show this week, but next week they’d be back in Kfar Saba and we could expect delivery within 10 days.

Eventually we made our way to The Home Store where we purchased a push broom, 2 fans, and various other household items – if they had free delivery to our house I would have bought additional things.

All we had with us to carry purchases in were our hands and a backpack so we had opted to wait until last to buy a case of printer paper at Office Depot – mistake! I arrived at their door at 9 pm sharp and the guy on the other side of the glass refused to let me in – so much for customer service. In general Israelis aren’t punctual, but when its time to close they are motivated!

We were hoping to rent a car, to drive down to Efrat to visit our friends Bella and Emanuel Hyman and pick up a few things we stored with them on our last trip, but it was too late because of the printer delivery. We took a taxi home – 85 shekels (approx. $24).


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