Visiting Family in NY

July 4th Weekend

Friday: We left University Heights around 7 AM and drove to Gloversville, NY (8.5 hours/439 miles). We stopped at Yisrael’s favorite NYS Thruway rest stop – Angola… he likes it because we have to cross a bridge over the highway to get to the restrooms.
Angola Rest Stop
Along the way we picked up some food to complete our Shabbat meal and dragged a few pieces of luggage into Vincent and Valerie’s house. Since they were camping, we spent a quiet Shabbat alone enjoying our fish and Peter Baum’s chicken wings.

Saturday: We had a quiet morning with the exception of Yisrael constantly asking when Grandma would arrive. Mom showed up an hour or so before suedat shlishit, we had a nice visit and then enjoyed a meal of broiled salmon and salads, along with Georgia Gancz’s homemade challah (thanks Georgia!)

Mom left around 8 pm because she didn’t want to drive in the dark. About 15 minutes later I heard her voice coming through Vincent’s answering machine telling us that she had lost sight in her left eye while driving home. Of course she told me not to worry (right!) because Philip was coming to take her to the ER.

At 10 pm I called Philip’s cell phone and they were still in the ER at Nathan Littauer Hospital (they were in the waiting room for almost an hour despite the fact that Mom told them she needed to see an opthomologist immediately). About an hour later he called to say that they were transporting her to Albany Medical Center and I could ride with the driver in the ambulance if I wanted. I opted not to spend an hour-long ride with a stranger and I asked him to pick me up since I didn’t want to drive the big Penske truck ANYWHERE!

Sunday: Just after midnight Philip came to pick me up in Mom’s car and then we went to get his truck because he had to go to work early in the morning. In the meantime, Vincent ended up coming down from the Northhampton campsite, so I rode to Albany with him. We arrived around 1:30 AM and Mom wasn’t there for almost 30 minutes and then they wouldn’t let us in to see her for another half hour or so. More on this in the next post.

Monday: Vin, Val and the girls came down from the lake and we had an enjoyable visit.
Vin and Val

More photos of our visit are here.


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