Vacuum Storage Bags May Be Hazardous to Your Iron!

When we were preparing for our big overseas move, we were attracted to the idea of using those vacuum seal storage bags seen on TV. Our goal was saving money (shipping companies charge by the cubic foot) by fitting as much as we could into a 7′ x 7 ‘ x 7.5’ lift van. We shipped about 30 of these bags filled with clothing, linens and bedding.

I was happy until I recently unpacked my cold weather clothes. It took me FOUR hours to iron three bag’s worth. I’m now contemplating sending suits off to the dry cleaners, and washing all my sweaters so I can put them in the dryer and pull them out before the cycle finishes; thus avoiding wrinkles.

The worst part of this experience is that despite the fact that we crammed so much into such little space, we still had to use a second lift van. My clothes could have gone into garment boxes on hangers.

On the positive side, the storage bags filled with bedding fit nicely under our beds and keep everything clean and safe from bugs 😀


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