Unique Wind Chime

Last Friday night on our way home from a truly enjoyable Shabbat meal with the Frish family, we were amused to learn that our unique wind chime could be heard all the way over in Klei Shir! It was actually louder there as it echoed across the wadi.

It began on a Shabbat about a month ago when Yisrael and I were puzzled by the sounds of thunder over clear blue skies. It turned out to be a piece of metal flashing that was attached to the roof of our storage room (the half-room off of Yisrael’s room) rattling around in the wind making thunderous sounds.

Our landlady attempted to get the Arab worker who had attached the flashing in an unsecured manner to come back and fix it. Weeks passed and still no results from the Arab man. Eventually it was Ramadan and that became the excuse for his lack of finishing the job.

Yesterday our wind chime (Michael began calling it this a few weeks ago) began making a much more startling sound. As I opened the front door with camera in hand I noticed the handyman’s truck. It turned out that he had agreed to take it down to prevent anyone from becoming injured if it should tear away completely. Thanks Shmulik, we slept well last night!

When will the flashing be fixed? When the Arab man shows up to fix it.

When I ask why people continue to employ Arabs, I’m told that Jewish workers want too much money. Israel clearly needs an influx of top quality JEWISH tradesmen – builders, carpenters, plumbers, gardeners, etc. who are interested in establishing a competitive market (as opposed to taking advantage of fellow Jews). How else can this country become the fulfillment of a JEWISH state? So what are you waiting for? Come home already!

In closing out this post I must share with you something we find very special… when we arrive home we are greeted with flower petals from a plant that I am not allergic to! With my level of allergic reactions, this is a truly amazing gift!

Sept. 26th Update

It’s baaack! The metal flashing that is below the one that was removed decided that it was lonely and began rattling in the wind last night! So much for a good night’s sleep. Our wind chime is back, but this one has a different thunderous pitch!


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