Two New Job Openings in Israel for Americans

Since employment is one of the straddling the fence issues for many Americans, I’m posting these two help wanted ads that popped up on the NBN list last week. Here’s one for a Critical Care Physician:

Looking for US Critical Care Physicians* To Work in Israel

Very High American Based Salaries offered

Contact Mr. Zahav at or by phone at 718 971-5133

*Must be US Board Certified/Eligible in Critical Care

And here’s one for internist/family practitioner:


Shalom, and thank you for your fine work, which is encouraging to all of us! This email MAY have been forwarded to you by Aliza, but I am resending it incase wires get crossed.

I am the secretary for Dr. Joseph Rothenberg, writing to you by his request.

He noted that he has written previously, but wishes to update his interest in hiring a new oleh doctor to join the office that he has here in Jerusalem for the past, some, 25 years. Business is ‘booming’, and we could, definitely, use a third Doctor!

He is looking for, preferably, an experienced internist/family practitioner. There are currently two internist/family medicine Doctors sharing a small group of offices with a Dentist, here in Jerusalem’s German Colony neighborhood.

Please contact Dr. Rothenberg personally at any of the following phone numbers or his email address. (If there is an answering machine, please leave a message and he will return the call at the first available moment)

Dr. Joseph Rothenberg
clinic: 02-563-2011
home: 02-67-1201
cell phone: 0544-915-442

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
All the best,

Joan, secretary for Dr. Rothenberg


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