Tiyul: Kotel Tunnels and Yeshiva Rabbi Akiva

On Monday, February 16th the City of Ma’ale Adumim treated the new olim to a tour of the Kotel tunnels. I’ve been meaning to tell you all about it for weeks but hadn’t had the time to edit the video I took. This week our local news paper Zman Ma’ale (Ma’ale Times) printed a photo of our group and ran a story about the community aliyah program – you can view it here if you’d like.

Because of the low quality light in the tunnels I wasn’t able to get very many good still shots, but here are a few.

When I realized the photos we’re coming out well, I switched to video mode.


Watch it on YouTube

Part 2

Watch it on YouTube

Here are a few more Kotel Tunnel Tour resources:

To say that it was a spritually uplifting experience is an understatement. We all enjoyed it immensely and want to go back again soon.

When the tour ended, Shelley Brinn (Ma’ale Adumim’s Community Aliyah Coordinator) treated us to a nice meal of sandwiches and salads at the Yeshiva Rabbi Akiva, where Rabbi Shalom Gold captivated us with his incredible life story.

This land is full of rich and exciting activities for the whole family – no need for “Disney” here! We really wish you were all here to enjoy this with us.


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