This is MY Israel!

NBN is running a “This is My Israel” photo contest, but for my son, this video perfectly demonstrates why he’s so happy to be living here.

This video is of the birthday reception he received from his classmates recently, which paled in comparison to the “welcome home” he received on the first day of school. For Yisrael, the best part of being here is the people – great friends in a religious environment 😀

Here are a few of my favorite photos that define Israel for me but don’t quite meet the NBN rules (i.e., no one is in them holding the sign) because they were taken pre-contest.

Michael and Yisrael playing in the Mediterranean near Haifa as the sun is setting

Sukkot in Meah Shearim

Marketplace shopping for Etrog & Lulav

Our Beautiful Sukkahs with Incredible views of Jerusalem, Ma’ale Adumim and the Judean Hills

(note: this photo was taken as we were dismantling the sukkah – no schach)

Sukkahs at every Kosher restaurant!

Figured out which is my favorite holiday yet?

Being able to TOUCH History!

The Kotel



The Dead Sea

Ein Gedi

Eretz Breisheit (Genesis Land)

Rothschild Gardens – Zichron Yaakov

Unusual and Interesting…


Donkeys in our backyard


The Jerusalem (and Ma’ale Adumim) view from my bedroom

Sorry NBN, but I can’t pick just ONE! This is MY Israel and I am so very thankful to God for it!


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