Think Your Vote Doesn’t Count?

Well Dr. Tziona Fleisher has news for you! In Israel National News article Get Out the Jewish Vote, Dr. Fleisher brings up a point that many potential voters may not have considered; if fewer and fewer Jews get out and vote for Jews, and more and more Arabs vote for Arabs, then… She presents some scary calculations that deserve serious thought and action, and closes with the following challenge:

In the Middle East, demography and democracy are weapons of the same old war. Arabs are not stupid, but we are, if we let them win.

I encourage you to get out and vote even if you’re not happily excited about the choice of candidates. Too many apathetic Americans didn’t bother voting in the most recent election and now Israel is faced with a non-supportive U.S. government. Consider the challenges facing this tiny country during the next term, pray for guidance, and please vote for the candidate you believe will lead us (with God’s help) to victory.


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