There is Strength in Numbers – We Need You NOW!

It breaks my heart to read news stories like this one when situations like this are completely preventable with a little help from people like all of you who haven’t come home yet.

Ehud Barak – one of the most despicable politicians in Israeli history – is a self-hating Jew who has managed (through corruption) to remain in the government. Allowing his position of power to go to his head, he likes to lash out at “settlers“, destroying all they’ve built. But thank God for women like Dafna Ronen, mother of six, who stands strong, holding onto to the dream and promises of Torah.

According to Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc. the definition of Settler is:

Set”tler\, n.
1. One who settles, becomes fixed, established, etc.
2. Especially, one who establishes himself in a new region or a colony; a colonist; a planter; as, the first settlers of New England.

3. That which settles or finishes; hence, a blow, etc., which settles or decides a contest. [Colloq.]
4. A vessel, as a tub, in which something, as pulverized ore suspended in a liquid, is allowed to settle.

So I ask you:

  • Why is this word used in a derogatory manner when referring to Jews who are attempting to rebuild ancestral communities that were destroyed by enemies?
  • Why is it being used to refer to Jews in Israel at all (since this is not a new region or colony for them)?
  • Would these same people who attack us (Israeli politicians and left-wing fanatics worldwide), have condemned the English, American, Jamestown, Pioneer, French, or Spanish settlers that came up in the search results for this word? Or is this just outright anti-Torah / anti-Semitism again?

What can you do to help this noble woman whose home was destroyed by the Israeli government this morning? Mrs. Ronen isn’t asking for your money, here’s what she had to say:

“The main question is how we make sure that we show G-d that we are not giving in and are doing everything we can to keep this great gift that He gave us. Everything is from G-d, and He wishes to see if we are unyielding, or if we’ll take the easy way and say, ‘It looks unrealistic, let’s just wait for a more favorable government’ and the like. Our Matriarch Rachel is still sitting and weeping, because even though we have begun to return to our Land, we are sitting pretty with big homes and cars in the cities, and not going all out to return to our full Biblical borders; the verse says that she is waiting for her children to return to their borders.”

In other news this week, a group of pioneers campaigned to make Shdema (a strategic site of an army camp between Jerusalem and eastern Gush Etzion, which played a significant role in stabilizing the capital’s southern front after the Six Day War), a Jewish town. The situation is urgent because Arabs have continued their illegal building in the area and it seems that no government officials have the courage to put an end to their spreading like a disease among us.

According to Rabbi Nachman Kahana, in his book With All Your Might (chapter on Vayikra 5769), we’re about to be challenged by the Pope for dominion over Jerusalem. Yishmael and Eisav (Islam and Christianity) are fighting for control of our Holy City. Will you please come home and join us in the fight to retain the land that Moshe Rabbeinu so desperately longed for? The land where the Patriarchs and Matriarchs walked?

Need a little more inspiration? Watch this video in which Rabbi Moshe Dovid Tendler of Monsey, NY ascends the Temple Mount where the Arabs defile our most Holy site. And for those who feel strongly that ascending the Temple Mount is forbidden, you can read a copy of a responsa issued by Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, tz”l, affirming the halachic right of Jews to go up the Mount at the Temple Institute site.

Shabbat Shalom!


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