The Morning After the Election

As they like to say, “The American Public Has Spoken!” So how are you feeling about serving President Barack Obama (oops, that’s right he’s supposed to be serving you)?

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A Cleveland Rabbi recently accused me of hate/fear-mongering when I asked the reasons an Orthodox Jew might vote for Obama knowing that he will not be good for the Jewish homeland. Another Clevelander criticized my position and responded that I should “reflect for a moment at the miracle of American democracy” and stated “Candidates come and go, presidents, senators and members of congress make their fleeting mark on the fabric of American history, the real deal is the electoral system that has stood this country in good stead for almost 2-1/2 centuries“.

At the time of this writing (10:30 AM Israel time) the popular vote stands at 59,945,909 votes for Obama and 53,799,476 for McCain with 90% of total national precincts reported. To put this in perspective we’re talking a difference of about 6.1 million votes – approximately 77% of New York City’s population, based on the year 2000 Census Data. Certainly not a landslide win from the popular vote (i.e., individual votes) side – and that’s what really counts in my opinion as it reflects what individual Americans decided. Because America has an electoral college system, Obama’s win seems more significant with 338 electoral votes vs. McCain’s 163.

Obama has demonstrated a passion for campaigning and I believe his success is due to his charisma. There have been many charismatic leaders throughout history; some have led their followers to great spiritual, physical and/or material heights, while others have led them to death in any or all of the same three realms. During the next 4 years Mr. Obama will show his true colors to America – and the world – and I hope with all my heart for the sake of those I love that my gut feeling about him is wrong (refer to: Obama Advisor Calls for a Military Invasion of Israel, Absentee Voting, and No Secrets Here – Our Ballots Have Been Cast).

With Democrats having taken control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives, those with Republican values will be fighting an uphill battle during this administration. I’m sure glad I moved to Israel when I did. I wish you all the best, you’ll be in my prayers.


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