If I want what’s yours and can’t have it, can I burn it down?

If you held a place dear in your heart and someone else was currently in possession of that place (e.g., let’s say there’s a house that was owned by your grandparents and now someone else lives there), would you burn it down? Do you believe that is acceptable, normal behavior in such a situation?

2016-nov-fires-judea Photo by DMY
Fires in Jerusalem Hills. Photo by DMY

The followers of Islam have set more than 100 fires in Israel during the past week and before Israel even tried to prove that fact, Muslims published  TV ads and many posts on social media networks rejoicing over their destruction of people, neighborhoods, businesses and forests such as this one below.

Courtesy of YNet News

In one of the many posts that YNet News discovered, they reported that Dubai security chief tweeted that Muslims started the fires because there is a proposal in the Knesset to ban the loud blasting of Muslim call to prayer in the middle of the night. To put that into perspective, we live a few miles from a mosque with a highway separating our community from theirs and they broadcast their call to prayer between 3:30 and 5 am (depending upon the time of the year) loudly enough to awaken most people through closed windows – and it can go on for 10 to 15 minutes (i.e., it’s not a quick bell or whistle). Their followers live within the neighborhood of their mosques, they don’t need to broadcast so loudly, they do it to disturb the peace and push their religion on others.

In this technological age in which they all use smart phones to broadcast their version of news, there is no need for a public broadcast of the call to prayer via stadium quality speakers – they could simply use an alarm clock app or the Muslim Pro Prayer Times app that’s available for iPhone and Android. Or they could employ some of their resources to create another solution that they and their non-Muslim neighbors would be happy with. But, since their goal is really not peace, they increase the volume.

Irrational Destruction

What might seem odd to normal people is that there were followers of Islam living in some of the communities that Muslims set fire to – in places such as Haifa, for example. So why destroy a place where your own people live?

Photo by Oren Rosenfeld
The world famous restaurant in the village of Nataf “Rama’s Kitchen” destroyed in the fire. Photo by Oren Rosenfeld

In the Bible, in 1 Kings, Chapter 3 verses 16 – 28, there is a story about two women who were brought before King Solomon. They both claimed that a baby belonged to them (they had both given birth and one of the babies had died, so each was claiming that the living child was hers).

Wise King Solomon commanded “fetch me a sword” and then said “Divide the living child in two, and give half to the one, and half to the other”. Out of pure love for her child, the true mother told the King to give the child to the other woman. But the hateful, jealous other woman wanted the child divided! The King then knew who the real mother was.

How does this relate to peace in the Middle East? If even one centimeter of this beautiful, holy land belonged to the Muslims they would not destroy it. They would not burn, nor blow it up. Their actions are hateful and evil, just as the woman who wanted another mother’s baby murdered.

The USA: Israel’s Greatest Ally?

Haifa on fire. Photo by Avi ben Zaken
Haifa on fire. Photo by Avi ben Zaken

As an American living in Israel, I don’t wear the rose-colored glasses that many Israeli’s do regarding America being Israel’s greatest ally. Personally, I’m sickened by the US Administration’s treatment of Israel during the 8 years that I’ve lived here.  I believe that the number of individual Americans who are favorable toward Israel may be sizable, but the actions and behavior of those in power has not been representative of such support. My preference would be for the US to focus on tending to it’s own problems and staying out of Israel’s (and the rest of the world’s) business. In other words, if you must be involved but won’t/can’t be part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.

It is an understatement to say that the lack of honest news media reporting about these fires and the efforts to help Israel have been disappointing.  One headline claimed that the US sent a Supertanker to help Israel fight the fires – the truth is that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu contracted with the company that owns the fire fighting plane to have it brought to Israel to help fight fires overnight because he feared that Israel’s fire fighting resources were being quickly exhausted.  US President Obama did not, to my knowledge, provide any positive assistance to Israel, however, some American individuals made contributions to Zaka (Israel’s volunteer rescue and disaster response organization) that are being used to help the people who have been injured or lost their homes and/or businesses.

Thanks go out to Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Russia, Turkey and the United Kingdom who all offered assistance in putting out the fires. And the Palestinian Authority even put forth an effort by sending a few fire trucks and men to fight the fires that their people started.

As the Smoke from the Arson Fires Clears

As the smoke clears, we return to the world’s interest in pushing their Middle East Peace agenda. This video was published a few months ago, but in light of the recent terrorist attacks in Israel and other places in the world I feel the message is important to share. Regardless of how you might feel about Prime Minister Netanyahu, or the country of Israel, please invest the few minutes to watch his message because it is one that affects every nation in which Islam has a presence.

If you study the history and spread of Islam, you will clearly understand that this problem is not exclusive to Israel – it is Islamic belief and culture, along with their ultimate goal that will change the future landscape of every nation on earth depending upon how each nation responds to their terrorist attacks and demands.

In light of the recent fake news scandal, I hope that every individual will investigate the facts before making inaccurate social media and blog posts go viral across the Internet.  Most people believe what they see – without thinking – and then spread the propaganda as though it is truth. And that is exactly what the twisters of truth are counting on. Take responsibility, the quality of your future descendants lives are at stake.


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