DVD Player and Dragon Die

Our DVD player died on Sunday and I never imagined that being without one – or purchasing a replacement – could be so stressful!

In October 2008 we bought a Maraton DVD player (model 3206) with a ONE YEAR warranty from a shop in Jerusalem. We paid 270 shekels – at the time that converted to approx. $71 which we felt was a ridiculous amount of money for a player we could have purchased at Wal-mart for about $39, but that was the best price we found in the greater Jerusalem area. Since the player is used for (too) many hours per week, I guess we got our money’s worth.

When it died I secretly fantasized about having a quiet apartment where everyone would use their time more wisely, e.g., read a book, magazine or newspaper, learn Torah, practice Hebrew reading or conversation, go out somewhere (anywhere!) and leave me in peace and quiet for a few hours, etc. But that dream was not realized. Instead both of my guys – and our lone soldier – crammed into my office and living room with laptops to watch videos online. After a few days of that unreasonable activity of tying up bandwidth I demanded that we purchase a new DVD player so I could have my office back! Continue reading DVD Player and Dragon Die