Successful Aliyah for Maale Adumim Teens

Maale Adumim-Yeshiva Tichonit
Maale Adumim-Yeshiva Tichonit

The City of Maale Adumim has just announced that it is taking steps to ensure that olim teens are provided with the tools they need for a successful Aliyah.

Following the excellent example set by Ulpana Tzvia for Girls, the Education and Absorption Departments of the Maale Adumim Municipality have worked together to develop a new and exciting first year in Israel, integrative program at the Yeshiva Junior High School in Maale Adumim.

The program offers:

  • Three month intensive ulpan beginning in August ( approx. 300 hours of  professional Hebrew instruction)
  • Gradual integration into the regular Hebrew courses
  • Continuation of daily Hebrew instruction as well as subject tutoring throughout the year
  • Participation in all social/cultural programs
  • Special volunteering program in community to practice Hebrew skills

The integrative program is designed for students in seventh, eighth and ninth grades. Tenth grade candidates may be accepted although completion of full matriculation exams is not guaranteed.

Program requires 5 student minimum.

Registration is open until Pesach 2011.

For more information and registration, please contact:

Shelley Brinn, Project Manager-English Speaking Olim
Cell: 050-8296470
Office: 02-5418827


2 thoughts on “Successful Aliyah for Maale Adumim Teens”

  1. we would be part of this if it was for incoming 10th graders, but alas, it is not and we need to look outside of MA, where we hope to reside.

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