Stop American Censorship!

Please take a minute to sign this petition – especially if you want to be able to continue using Facebook & Twitter without risk of a 5 year prison sentence! This bill would make it illegal for you to copy/paste anything into your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter status, comments on a blog or news site that “might” be perceived as a copyright infringement.

For example, you see a video on YouTube – you know, the kind where someone uploaded an audio from an LP of a band from 1985 along with slideshow of photos they copied from a fan site or even worse, the lyrics!– and you post a link from YouTube to Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. According to the SOPA bill you have broken the law and can be imprisoned!

Post a video link or embed it into your blog

– or if someone else posts a link in a comment on your blog – that “might” be considered copyright infringement and SOPA opens the door for your domain name to be shut down and your PayPal account frozen!

The original purpose – or at least what they’re telling us – was to stop Internet piracy of movies and music. Domain names aren’t used for those purposes. It is the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing protocol that’s used for distributing large amounts of data over the Internet that’s being used for pirating movies/music. Which raises the question – what is the REAL GOAL of this bill? American-imposed US and International (because the US government seems to think it “owns” the Internet) censorship!

It won’t take more than a minute or two of your time to sign and share this petition! If you are so inclined, this site also provides more information on political activism against SOPA.


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