Ship Work Slowdown Affecting Arriving of Lifts for Olim

September 1st Arutz Sheva News Brief: Ship Work Slowdown Affecting Arriving of Lifts for Olim
When questioned about this article, Ed wrote back and said:

“I hate to bring more bad news, but your ship, the Zim California, is scheduled to unload in Turkey, due to the slow down in the Israeli Ports. Zim has not yet declared if/when they will start shuttling containers in, nor have they declared “End of voyage” (which would mean both a delay and extra charges).

If history is any example, Zim will shuttle containers in, which will free the large ships to continue their operations, and only cause delays, not extra charges.

I’ll keep you posted as news becomes available to us. We just got this notice this morning, and I am still going through the files I have on the water to notify clients.


Ed Singer

September 2nd Ed added:


I’ll email you the insurance forms so you have the isurance company contact information, but unless the container is declared lost by the ship lines the insurance wouldn’t pay out.

We have been without our stuff – Shabbat Candlesticks/Challah Board/Dinnerware, etc. BOOKS, clothing, dishes/pots/pans and small appliances, camping equipment, games/toys, folding tables and chairs (i.e., our dining set), mattress, storage cabinets, etc. – for 11 weeks and now it sounds like we may not have any of this in time for Rosh HaShanah – maybe not even Sukkot!

This is a very bad day in Aliyah Land.


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