School Paperwork & More Shopping!

Tuesday, July 22nd:

We all walked over to Ma’aleh HaTorah to complete the school’s side of the enrollment paperwork for Yisrael. A very lovely woman named Hagit was kind enough to complete the forms in Hebrew and locate t-shirts with the school’s logo in Yisrael’s size.

On the way out and during the 20 minute walk back (I’m sure Yisrael will do it in less than 15, but his parents are old!), I took these photos to share with you.

The Lobby of the Boy’s School

One of the Many Playgrounds on the Campus

Security Entrance/Exit
Security Entrance

The Park/Playground


Maaleh HaTorah Campus from around the corner.
Maaleh HaTorah Campus

The Walk Home
Walk Home

walk home

After lunch I went up to the mall with Sanne (our kind landlady) and her daughter and purchased printer paper, a warming plate and hot water pump pot for Shabbat, an iron and a few groceries. I still need to buy an ironing board, but the one in the store where I bought the iron wasn’t for sale (don’t ask!) I could have purchased a nice one in Ace Hardware in Talpiot yesterday but we just couldn’t carry another item!


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