Relief & Deliverance Come

Recall these words from Mordechai in Chapter 4, verse 14 of Megillat Esther:

…relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place

Yesterday was a roller-coaster, strange day in the realm of health and parnassah that caused me to experience the words of Mordechai.


If we don’t have it, quality of life suffers.  I’ve been suffering with breathing difficulties and sharp back pain for about 6 weeks. My medical doctor sent me for tests of the blood, heart Eco, stress test, x-ray, pulmonary function test variety. About 3 weeks ago I asked him to refer me to a chiropractor and he bluntly told me that he felt the tests were enough. The stress test resulted in a knee injury (excruciating pain – imagine bone rubbing against bone) that my doctor feels will take 3 to 4 weeks to heal – on the upside, that allowed me to cancel the 4 hour bone density scan he wanted me to have done.  

Between the back and knee injury I haven’t been working or sleeping much because sitting, lying down, walking, etc. are all painful, and by yesterday morning I couldn’t turn my head more than two inches in either direction without pain.  Feeling this was unreasonable, I decided to make an appointment with a different, more progressive thinking (my perception) doctor at my clinic with the goal of being referred to a chiropractor. No dice! He told me that “chiropractors do more harm than good when it comes to neck problems” and gave me a referral for physical therapy. This was after I told him of the success I’ve had with chiropractic care in the past.  I went to the front desk to schedule the PT and the next opening was OCTOBER 5th! I couldn’t turn my head in either direction and would have to remain that way for 6 weeks?

Resigned to the fact that I would have to pay out-of-pocket (despite a month with no income), and knowing I couldn’t afford the one that a friend referred me to, I came home and did a web search for chiropractors in the Jerusalem area. One of the 6 or 7 listed online actually had a website and email address and is American born. So I sent him an email giving him a brief history that led up to my current issues and the lack of doctor referral, and asked what he charges.

He called me 15 minutes later and told me that he’s been contemplating hiring someone to create a real website for him (his teenage son did the one he has…), he had checked out my online profile and samples, and asked if I’d be interested in bartering – no upfront money needed! I agreed and he told me to come right in (it was his day off and he was in the office taking care of a few things)! I jumped on a bus and was there in an hour. I am happy to report that I can now turn my head in both directions without pain, I was able to go up and down the stairs in his office without pain, AND he manipulated something in my back that seemed to open up breathing passages so I can now take deep breaths without pain! He taught me a few exercises and told me to come back in a couple days for more treatment.

From there I went to the lung specialist appointment that took 6 weeks to obtain. I was running too late to catch a bus, so I hailed a taxi and asked the kippah-less driver if he thought he could get me there by 6 pm. His response, “b’ezrat Hashem”! (With God’s help – only in Israel) He got me there with 5 minutes to spare 🙂

The lung doctor looked at my previous test results and put me through another pulmonary function test. I scored 94% (as opposed to the 69% I maxed out at a few weeks ago at the hospital). He said I don’t need to come back, he sees nothing wrong with my lungs.  I wonder how I would have scored if I went there BEFORE the chiropractor. When I told him that my lung function was only 70% when I left the US, he responded that it has improved due to “Avir HaKodesh” (Holy air). 🙂

So after all that, all of my test results have turned out “normal, for a woman your age” (according to my medical doctor) and I have confidence in my new chiropractor who is also going to help me try to improve my immune system and lose weight.


Many of my clients went on vacation in July and August leaving me with little or no work. It turned out to be a blessing because I wasn’t feeling well, however, there was still the small issue of paying the bills.  A discussion took place yesterday morning with someone (who will remain nameless here) who should have risen to a previous commitment that would have increased our income, but that person wasn’t willing. This left us disappointed and discouraged. But Hashem is always watching over us and between yesterday morning and this morning, I received email and phone calls for 3 new projects – 1 was a referral from an existing client, the other two were completely “out of the blue” (found me with a Google search)!

Only in Israel do I experience the Hand of God in both important and “everyday” matters.  We are truly home with a “Parent” watching over us, Baruch Hashem!


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  1. hi – glad to hear your back is better. never trust doctors! having said that, my son is going into residency next year here in america, but i was wondering if israel is still offering a stipend to american doctors who make aliyah. i think he will probably make aliyah anyway, but i was just curious since he had educational loans to repay. thanks, isabel

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