Purim 2009

We were very much looking forward to our first Purim in Israel being a memorable one. Well, it sure was – but not what we expected! Before the vomiting began late Sunday night, I did manage to prepare some spirited desserts (a coffee liqueur creme, and an orange liqueur creme with fruit cocktail and coconut), and shop for other treats and costume components at the Ma’ale Adumim mall. All sorts of festivities were taking place for children, but unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me and Yisrael declined participation in this outing.

Earlier that day, I accompanied him to school in his U.S. Army attire (Michael did the face paint – pretty cool, huh?) so I could share photos with all of you, so enjoy…

Yisrael with Friend Neir

Yisrael’s friend Eliad

The School Lobby

A Few of the Teachers

The rest of the photos are in the Holidays section of the gallery.

Thanks to our landlords – who are truly more like a host family than people we’re renting from – we had the use of a car to go to the megilla reading Monday night and Tuesday morning. I literally dragged myself up the shul stairs and exited the building the second the last bracha was said. I was worried about getting other people sick, in addition to having an embarrassing moment or two (the ladies room is down a flight of stairs and around a corner from the women’s section).

By Tuesday afternoon, the bug had taken control of Michael’s stomach as well and he was forced to bow out of a Purim Seudah invitation at the home of Ron & Esther Aaron which is something we all always look forward to. He was very disappointed, but after my nudging (i.e., inflicting guilt in the form of “how would you feel if you gave this virus to them?” questions), he made the right decision. With all the misloach manot friends delivered, there was plenty for Yisrael to snack on and Michael realized that he really couldn’t enjoy food at that point anyway.

Wednesday night (the night before school went back in session), Yisrael got the worst of the virus. He began vomiting at 11:30 PM and didn’t stop until a little after 8 AM! None of the remedies – not even Emetrol – worked for him. We all went to the Maccabi clinic at 10 AM and were seen by Dr. Marina Golden who prescribed some anti-nausea and anti-pain pills, along with a bland diet of rice, rice, and more rice with maybe an apple or banana – and possibly chicken soup for Shabbat. We all managed to enjoy a delicious vegetable soup for Shabbat with bland fish and rice and our favorite challahs. And woke up this morning feeling much better.

Back to the subject of Purim, I was inspired by the following story and received permission from the author to share it with you.


We were very much looking forward to celebrating our first Purim here in Israel. Dressing up, Megila Reading, Carnivals, the Purim Seudah….We never expected to have the Purim that we had and the opportunity to meet such a wonderful person.

I know there are many worth while tzedakah’s out there. But what this person did for my family, shows what a tzaddik and truly caring person he is, and how we are all part of Bnei Yisroel and we should help out each other in times of need.

Everything happens for a reason and this story is truly Basheret.

My husband, went to deliver Mishloach Manot to some friends of ours in Beit Shemesh and then to his Rav in Alon Shevut. He took with him 2 of our boys and went on his way around 1 in the afternoon. Within 5 minutes of him leaving, I saw his cell phone on the table. I thought to myself, Ok, I won’t know when to expect him home, but Please G-d, everything will be good.

At around 4 o’clock, I recieved a call from him. He told me that the car had broken down right by the turnoff to Alon Shevut. He said that a man had stopped and was going to drive him and our boys back, and he’d leave the car to be towed back.

Now comes the story about the man that stopped to drive my husband and our boys back. His name is Moshe. He had been up all night trying to raise tzedakah for his sister, who is sick with an unoperable brain tumor. She recieves chemotherapy every couple of weeks, and she prays that Hashem lets her see her children get married. He had gone to Efrat and then to Alon Shevut and was leaving to go home to Bnei Brak, when he saw our broken down car. He of course stopped, and then offered my family a ride back. But before heading back, Moshe drove to my husband’s Rav’s house so that my husband could deliver the Mishloach Manot that he had set off to do.

Talk about Basheret. Who knows what my husband would have done if it were not for Moshe. Not only did my husband have no cell phone on him, but he had no cash on him either. Moshe bought our 2 boys drinks and snacks for the ride back. And then, since Moshe was up the whole night before, he asked my husband to drive back so that he could rest a little. He saw my husband as doing a big mitzvah for him.

Baruch Hashem, my husband and the boys got home safe, and we were able to have a wonderful person join us for our Purim Seudah.

Moshe did a tremendous mitzvah for our family this Purim and like I said before, everything happens for a reason. I know that we were meant to meet Moshe so that we could spread his sisters’ story and be able to assist him in raising money. Mitzvah Goreret Mitzvah.

If anyone is interested in seeing letters from Ravs and Doctors, thne please be in touch with me and I will forward the letters.

May Moshe’s sister have a Refuah Shelama.

Moshe’s contact info is:

Moshe Fisher
PO Box 2813
Bnei Brak 51128

Tizku LeMitzvot.

Heidi Nathan

Heidi sent me the letters just in case you might want verification. If you are able, it would be a nice mitzvah for you to send what you can to help the Fisher family out.


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