Pray for our Soldiers

As the IDF launches “Amud Anan” (Pillar of Defense), please pray for our soldiers.

Praying and learning Torah in the merit of a soldier’s service for Am Israel was instituted by King David.  For anyone not sure what prayers to recite, Tehillim (Psalm) 23 has been suggested.  A list of soldier’s names has been added in the comment section of this post, please feel free to add more names via the comment box.


2 thoughts on “Pray for our Soldiers”

  1. Is there a place where one can see a list of the soldiers’ names and the names of their mother? This would make praying so much more personal and thoughtful (IMHO).

  2. Hi Menasche,
    Thank you for the suggestion. I don’t know of just one place to look but I’ll be happy to share my list with you [updated 20 Nov 2012]:
    Alon ben Bilha
    Avi Hirsch
    Avichai Moshe ben Ilana Chana
    Avraham Moshe Simcha Ben Ze’ev Chaim
    Avrohom Chaim ben Faiga Tzipora
    Baruch Mordechai ben Bat Sheva
    Binyamin Elimelech ben Penina
    Chana bas Mira Rut
    Chanan Yona ben Bracha
    David ben Mazal
    Efraim Yehoshua ben Rivka
    Eli ben Guy
    Eliezer ben Tanya
    Elimeyer ben Rifka Rena
    Elisha Ben Yehudis
    Gavriel Ben Yehudis
    Geulah bas Mira Rut
    Issac Schultz
    Itzhak ben Efrat ve Danny
    Leor Gabrielle bat Davira
    Mira Rut bas Chaya Leah
    Mor ben Claire
    Mordechai Eliezer ben Rivka
    Mordechai Zev ben Varda Rivka
    Moshe ben Chaya Tzipora
    Natan Elisha ben Lea
    Natanel Avraham Yona ben Sima Faiga
    Or Ben Rachel
    Pinchas Eliyahu ben Rav Mordechai Antzel
    Shem Tov ben Tikva
    Shlomi Ben Claire
    Shmuel ben Chaya Sarah
    Simcha Avraham ben Bryna Leah
    Tomer Aharon ben Chana
    Tuvia Maor ben Yael Asher
    Yaakov Yehuda ben Shulamit
    Yamin Raphael ben Tzviya Rachel Miriam
    Yedidya ben Adina
    Yehuda ben Mindel
    Yitzchak Ben Claire
    Yosef Yitzchak ben Mira Rut

    Please continue to pray for all of the soldiers and citizens of Eretz Israel.

    Thank you, Be Well & Be Safe!

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