School Paperwork & More Shopping!

Tuesday, July 22nd:

We all walked over to Ma’aleh HaTorah to complete the school’s side of the enrollment paperwork for Yisrael. A very lovely woman named Hagit was kind enough to complete the forms in Hebrew and locate t-shirts with the school’s logo in Yisrael’s size.

On the way out and during the 20 minute walk back (I’m sure Yisrael will do it in less than 15, but his parents are old!), I took these photos to share with you. Continue reading School Paperwork & More Shopping!

Waiting for Printer, Talpiot Shopping

Monday, July 21st:

We waited for the delivery man to bring us the HP M1522nf printer we ordered last Thursday – according to Oren at Logistic Laser it was supposed to be delivered last Thursday, if not then Sunday afternoon. Well we waited around all day Sunday and they didn’t show up.

When I called to complain today, they told us it would be here before noon. The guy showed up at 2:10 PM and he knew nothing about picking up my cartridges for the printer I no longer have and exchanging them for the new ones.

HP Printer

So around 3:30 we were finally off for an exciting shopping trip to Talpiot to complete our shopping for household items… Continue reading Waiting for Printer, Talpiot Shopping

Health Insurance, Taxes, Books & the People Left Behind

Sunday, July 20th:

We started our morning taking the bus up to Kikar Yaalom to Maccabi Healthcare to pick up our ID cards and sign up for supplemental coverage. It was a pretty painless experience as the young man who assisted us was very competent and spoke English. We were impressed with the clean and modern facility.
Continue reading Health Insurance, Taxes, Books & the People Left Behind

Shabbat with the Goodmans and Aarons

Shabbat, July 19th
Lunch with the Goodmans
We enjoyed hours of lively conversation and delicious food with David and Illana Goodman and their family. Yisrael enjoyed playing with the boys. THANK YOU!

Seudat Shlishit
After a bit of a trek in the hot summer sun, we arrived at the Aaron’s in Klei Shir a bit parched and tired. But it was sure worth it. Ron and Esther (and Daniella and Sarah), are a very special family. The type of friends everyone wishes for. We enjoyed a terrific meal (including fresh figs from their trees) and a very relaxing time out in the garden overlooking Jerusalem as the sun went down.
Aaron Garden
Ron and Michael went to a nearby minyan for Mincha and Ma’ariv and then Ron drove us home. We were exhausted and very happy to be living here!

Ron writes an entertaining and informative blog about life in Israel you should check out!

Last Minute Shabbat Invitations

Friday, July 18th:

Before I had a chance to cook, Sanne Levy (our landlady) invited us to come down for Kabbalat Shabbat tonight!

Then Toby Pomerantz called to tell us that we were scheduled to have lunch with Illana and David Goodman who live a few blocks away (between here and the shul).

And we were already scheduled to have Seudat Shlishit with the Aarons – Ron invited us when he dropped off the countertop dairy oven to us during the week – Thanks Ron!

So now I don’t have to cook! This reminds me of our first few months in University Heights – but better… Continue reading Last Minute Shabbat Invitations

Closets and Printers

Thursday, July 17th:

I took the bus up to Kikar Yaalom and ordered 6 hand-made closets and book cases. Most apartments and houses in Israel don’t have built in closets – and we had sold our bookcases in the US because they were the pressed board type from Home Depot that don’t knock down and reassemble easily.

We were fortunate to find a nice Jewish cabinet maker (I have issues buying from Arabs when they blow up buses and bulldoze people down in the streets of Jerusalem!) who hand makes these items out of solid wood for very reasonable prices. Hopefully we’ll receive 3 closets with rods, drawers and shelves, and 3 bookcases with doors (to keep the dust off of things) in about 3 weeks. He’s even going to try to build a wine rack into one of the bookcases. Continue reading Closets and Printers

Ministry of Absorption, School, & Shopping

Wednesday, July 16th:

We had a 10 AM appointment at Misrad HaKlita (office the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption – MoIA) and hired Daniella Aaron to watch Yisrael so we wouldn’t have to listen to “this is SO boring”, “do we HAVE to go to another place? Can’t we just go home?” etc. She is a great sitter – he loved her and we were very happy!

We took the #175 bus to the Central Bus Station and then the #20 (I think) to King George St. Continue reading Ministry of Absorption, School, & Shopping

Deliveries, Health Insurance, and Nefesh B’Nefesh

Tuesday, July 15th:

Michael and Yisrael stayed home waiting for the refrigerator delivery and possibly the “technician” who was to bring and “install” our ADSL modem.

I took the bus (#174) to the Ma’aleh Adumim post office to exchange money (less expensive than doing it at the bank – better exchange rate), and attempted to pay the health insurance registration fees (14.7 shekels for each adult = $4.34 – no charge for children).

The guy at the counter told me that I needed a Bituach Leumi card (national health insurance), he wouldn’t accept the form the Ministry of Absorption gave me at the airport – this was after I waited on line for about 40 minutes! Continue reading Deliveries, Health Insurance, and Nefesh B’Nefesh

Phone Installation and Shopping

Sunday, July 13th:

Bezeq installed our land line and turned on the ADSL outside, but didn’t deliver the modem because we ordered our service through an olim special with 012 (Internet Service Provider). In Israel you either need Cable or Bezeq ADSL + an Internet Service Provider in order to get online service.

After that we left on an adventure to Talpiot around Noon (via Egged bus #175 to Central Bus Station and bus #20 to the Hadar Mall) where our friend Bella Hyman (who drove up from Efrat) showed us where to shop and translated for us. Continue reading Phone Installation and Shopping

Clothes Pins and Bank Accounts

Monday, July 14th:

Sanne, our very kind landlady, drove us up to Kikar Yaalom (the old shopping center across the street from the new mall) and took us to the hardware store. We couldn’t find the adapters we needed for our phone, but did buy 2 clothes drying racks and clothes pins. Continue reading Clothes Pins and Bank Accounts