Our Best Pesach Ever!

5769 has proven to be our best Pesach ever! The food, friends, weather, the Holy air we breathe…

We thoroughly enjoyed the seder at the home of our friends Ron, Esther and Sarah, who provided an entertaining evening and delicious meal. Then we walked home with our friends Fred, Barbara and Netanya and even with the long walk we were home by 1:15 AM – sure beats arriving home at 3 AM from those Cleveland seders that took place on our block!

We were challenged to find a second night seder for Carol/Rina who is attending seminary here, but unfortunately not planning on making Aliyah in the near future. She was worried, but I told her that in Israel everything is planned at the last minute – and to our delight she received an invitation the day before Erev Pesach. They also invited her for their “last day” meal.

The first Pesach lunch was spent at the home of Sandy, Judi and Dovi where we enjoyed a great meal and conversation. Then Dovi came home with us and played with Yisrael for many, many hours.

Being car-less and living on a tight budget until we secure employment, we passed on the many tiyulim that were available during Chol HaMoed. We had considered hanging out in Jerusalem and just taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the holiday like we did during Sukkot, but decided against that because of the excessive crowds of Christians that were anticipated to be flooding the streets in honor of their savior’s death and “resurrection”! No thanks, we had enough of that in the States. So we stayed home and enjoyed lots of family time together exploring on the Internet, playing board games, reading books, and Yisrael had friends come over to play.

I had the extreme pleasure of curling up on the couch and consuming a few books that you might like too:

  • The Network: A Worldwide Plot To Launch The Fourth Reich by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer is an entertaining and inspirational work of historical fiction. Rabbi Seltzer’s fascinating characters and unexpected plot twists are masterfully weaved together as the novel reaches a breath-taking climax that causes the story to complete a circle that may surprise the average reader. Combining a realistic glimpse into a variety of Jewish lifestyles, political views, and anti-Semitism with historical accuracy made the novel almost believable.

    The Network is 556 pages of suspense, revenge, anger, frustration, inspiration, laughter and tears spanning eight decades and four continents. It is sure to please anyone who enjoys devouring thrillers.

    This was such a great book that I went searching for more by this author and found The Link, which I’m about 1/3 through right now. 🙂

  • The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom is a charming and thought-provoking book that takes the reader on a journey through the life of an amusement park maintenance man who discovers the meaning of his life upon arrival in heaven. Throughout the small book, Mitch Albom masterfully weaves the threads of his main character’s life together with that of major and minor characters, 5 of whom help him navigate his way through heaven to a very surprising climax.

    If it weren’t for the exhaustion of my eyes, I would have finished this in one sitting, but as soon as I was done with my morning routine I grabbed it and headed for the couch! I remember saying “Wow” out loud when I finished and then the guys wanted the Readers Digest version of the story. Definitely a recommended read.

  • We also finished reading Three Special Days: A Young Boy and His Family Celebrate Passover and began Seven Special Weeks: The adventures of a young boy and his classmates in the time of the Second Temple both by Yaakov Meir Strauss. I was prompted to buy these at the Feldheim store in Geula after finishing One Special Prayer: A young boy and his friends experience the Days of Awe in the time of the Second Temple for the second time just before Yom Kippur. This is a series of historical tales that detail the layout and halachot of the Beit HaMikdash, the laws of Korbanos, and the preparation and avoda of Yom Kippur. I highly recommend this series because they instill important messages while drawing the child in via adventure and suspense. Yisrael has learned more from these books about the Beit HaMikdash than he did from years of Hebrew day school in America – he can now tell you all sorts of details and describe the layout of the Beit HaMikdash thanks to Yaakov Meir Strauss.

So, how was your Pesach?


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