Obama Advisor Calls for a Military Invasion of Israel

I recently subscribed to the Geula Watch Yahoo! Group and was invited this morning to review a YouTube video of Samantha Power, former Foreign Policy Aide to Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama II. I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you in case you haven’t already seen it. Keep in mind that Obama pursued this woman to be his foreign policy advisor – until she called Hillary Clinton a monster and was forced to resign. Which doesn’t mean Obama disagrees with Ms. Powers, she just wasn’t good for his campaign anymore.

The video is titled: “Obama advisor calls for a military invasion of Israel”, however, she doesn’t actually come out and say that in the video. She feels that billions of US dollars should be withdrawn from support of the Israeli military and spent on a “mamoth protection force” (i.e., U.S. Military) to impose a U.S. solution that will force “unwilling parties” (i.e., Israel and the Arab Terrorists) to allow for the creation of a Palestinian state. Which she believes will resolve issues of genocide and other “major human rights abuses which we’re seeing”.

I was a bit peaved by the video content, especially her inaccurate statement regarding “unwilling parties” (Israel is more than willing to live in peace with any people willing to do the same, but constant terrorist attacks and lies from “Palestinian” leaders make it a bit difficult to move forward) and scrolled down to read comments of other viewers. I was particularly annoyed by this string:

hillels wrote: What a commentary on the caliber of scholarship at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard! A clone of Walt and Mearsheimer, note the classic tidbit of antisemitism: “…financial import” She’s even too cowardly to say the word, “Jew”. Obama will probably appoint her Secretary of State.

To which republicanfacistsdie responded: That’s because she wasn’t “jew-bashing.” She was merely laying out options for a militarial defense and peace agreements concerning Israelites and Palestinians. Both want each other to die. Those that are sane say…well, we need to help protect both sides because this is getting ugle. The insane option is to say…”Aw hell, thar Bucky les jes kill all em damn a-rabs an be done wif it.” I mean, really, try to understand foreign policy here.

Feeling that this republicanfacistsdie must be completely clueless to reality I felt compelled to respond:

I am an American living in Israel and don’t know one religious or secular Jew who wants to see Arabs killed. If you happen across a Bible – of any Christian denomination or Jewish – you might take a look at the 10 commandments. We take them seriously. We want 1 of 2 things to happen: 1) Arabs live in peace with us or 2) Arabs go home to 1 of their 22 countries. The fact is that this land NEVER belonged to them, God gave it to the Jews (thousands of years before 1948). Facts Dispell Lies.

Within minutes I received this YouTube e-mail from republicanfacistsdie:

God gave it to you? What sanctimonious nonsense is that? What kind of mindless decree is that, and you simply call it a fact? Please. God doesn’t exist, and even if He does, He does not dispense property to the peoples of this world. Even if he does. he has NEVER came out and said so. You can quote the bible to me, whatever, It’s nonsense to think that your nation is given to you by God. I’ve never thought God gave America to us. We TOOK America with guns and horses and disease. I have no personal quarrell with Israselis other than this: In the 1950s when Truman gave you the state of Israel, There were others living there.

But it’s okay because God gave you that land.


I get it.


Sorry, but that doesn’t convince me. Try harder. I don’t believe in God, so try some other line of reasoning.

I felt a little saddened by this person, especially considering that there are probably hundreds of thousands of Americans who are just as clueless and form their opinions based on what their favorite TV personalities tell them. Rather than rip this person to shreds (as I am often inclined to do), I decided to try a different (and hopefully more productive) approach this time.

Fact: The State of Israel became recognized by the United Nations in 1948 as a result of the Holocaust. Truman did not give it to us.

Fact: If you don’t believe that God created the world and everything in it – and gave order and instructions for its usage- then I really am not in a position to enlighten you further.

However, you should at least understand the facts surrounding the conflict based on the beliefs of the people involved in it. In very simplified terms:

Arab terrorism is the result of their religious beliefs surrounding their prophet who claims he communicated with God on the temple mount in Jerusalem – which makes that spot the Muslim‘s 3rd holiest place on Earth.

Jews believe that this is the land that God promised to the Jewish descendents of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, and that he led us here after spending 40 years of purification in the dessert with Moses (who was God’s messenger to free us from slavery in Egypt).

The Arabs were also descendants of Abraham via Hagar, an Egyptian woman who asked to leave Egypt with him and his wife Sarah and serve them instead of remaining a slave in Egypt. Hagar served as a surrogate mother and gave birth to Ishmael for Sarah. Abraham and Sarah raised Ishmael and eventually Sarah gave birth to Issac. Eventually Ishmael turned his back on God and lost his part in the inheritance to Issac (at God’s command).

Arabs want to kill every Jew on earth – not just those in Israel. They want to “push them into the sea” and make no effort to hide that fact. Or the fact that when they’re done with the Jews, they will kill everyone else in the world who refuses to convert to Islam. For decades they have been spreading out and populating major cities throughout the world in preparation for their final slaughter.

Do a few Google searches and you’ll discover the truth about Islam and the “Arab plight”.

Any Arab who lives in poverty has no one to blame except their leaders who have gotten fat and rich off the money that they world’s leading governments have given them to reduce poverty. There are plenty of rich Arabs living here in Israel – many live in the next community over from ours in houses much nicer than the little apartment I’m renting.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t provide you with a different line of reasoning like you requested, but the truth is that this conflict is over religious beliefs and if you don’t believe in God you may have to be satisfied with the fact that you will never really understand what’s going on in this situation.

Wishing you all the best,

I was pleasantly surprised by republicanfacistsdie’s response:

republicanfacistsdie has sent you a message on YouTube:
Re: Re: Okay
No, you applied a “quiet logic” to my reply. I understand your position. You must understand I cannot “empathize” with you. I am not in your place, nor am I a part of your religion. I respect your beliefs, however. I cannot entertain the idea of a free world and despise you of your beliefs. I do not blame Jews, which are not a race but a religion under seige in that region of the world. I can only wish you good luck, and hope that you are forever free from harm’s way, though that may not be possible given the situation. I can only extend my wishes that you remain safe and that you are a good person, no matter your faith or political beliefs. I don’t wish harm on anyone tehlillah…least of all those who don’t wish it on anyone in the first place. Your rebuke leaves me in a position to say only that you are right, Truman did not “give” Jewish people Israel. Perhaps that was the wrong wording. I only despise the hate and intolerance of the region, and hope the best for its peoples…ALL PEOPLES, muslim and jew alike. I don’t believe generalization helps, sir, neither do I believe in ignorance. I believe a smart, insightful approach is needed in this region, one in which the United States is not solely responsible for. Yet I can’t convey enough the thoughtfulness of your reply, and I can’t convey enough the effect it’s had on me. I can only hope that all is well with you. If you believe in God, may that God protect you. I can tell you are a good person, and I hope you acheive all that you want out of it. Thanks for your reply. It has really changed my opinion and has opened my eyes. Americans need to see more of that region and need to understand it more. I believe Obama has the intellectual curiosity to fill this void. Anyway, good tidings and thank you. I can only hope you are well and will continue on the path your God has chosen for you. I mean that not in cynicism but in sincerity. Thank you, and I wish you the best.

For those of you who think I’m too serious and have no sense of humor… when I was researching Obama to make sure I was spelling his middle name correctly, I came across this The Lost Gospel of Barack Husseini Obama and I’m sharing it with you now 😀

For those of you who would like more factual details, I think Odonald Harrison did a great job with his ISRAEL – PEACE – SURVIVAL, NOT GENOCIDE! article posted to the Barack Obama blog site.


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