My Send a Fellow Blogger to Israel Nomination is…

My friend and fellow blogger, Sherri (Leah) Henkin. Sherri, who blogs at Growing the Write Way, is one of my heros! Despite a stream of overwhelmingly difficult life situations – the latest being a long period of unemployment – Sherri remains upbeat and manages to help and inspire others along the way.

Sherri has my nomination because she is a glass half full person and I think she deserves an opportunity to have her spiritual batteries recharged (and I secretly hope being in Jerusalem again will inspire her to make Aliyah). If you are registered to attend the NBN Second Annual International Jewish Bloggers Convention, please join me in nominating Sherri Henkin to join us by way of a free trip to Israel on September 7th. Contact me for Sherri’s e-mail addres if you don’t already have it.

Thank You šŸ˜€


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