My Middle East War Update

Things were different this morning; a calm and orderliness I don’t often sense. There seemed to be less buses when I took Yisrael and Amanda to ulpan. The 21 didn’t come at all between 7:45 and 7:55 so we took the 175. The driver took an instant liking to Yisrael and laughed and chatted with him along the route. Then he didn’t stop in the inconvenient spot he usually drops us in, he looked back at me in the mirror and told me he was taking us around the circle to the other side; I smiled and thanked him.

Michael called to say he had arrived at ulpan safely; odd, he doesn’t do that often. And he said the bus had been delayed because traffic was backed up due to the added security at the check points. He also mentioned that he noticed vehicles being thoroughly checked as they entered Ma’aleh Adumim. In the past such delays would have annoyed us; I think he was surprised when I responded “that’s good, we’ll put up with the inconvenience because they’re there for our protection”. By nature I’m not a patient person but we’re at war and I’m happy that we’re finally fighting back.

As the bus rounded the circle, I noticed a police car with flashing blue lights and two officers standing at the corner observing everything in their sight. I walked the children down to school and was impressed with the security guard’s new uniform. I said “boker tov” (good morning) and he responded back with a snappy and proud “boker tov!” I smiled and watched until the children were out of sight heading toward their classroom, then turned and walked back up the hill to catch a bus home. But not before stopping to personally thank the police for being there. I came away feeling that people were a little more friendly this morning, a little more united. I felt proud to be here, living history instead of reading someone else’s perceptions thousands of miles removed.

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We have many friends whose sons and daughters are serving in the Israeli military. My friend Paula Stern writes a blog called A Soldier’s Mother; yesterday’s post What I Want…and What I’ll Do provides us with a very human glimpse into this war. Please read it when you have a chance, and if you’re a mother make sure you’ve got tissues handy.

I highly recommend the humor, sarcasm and downright logical rantings of blogger David Bogner on his Treppenwitz blog. David also lives over the green line, but he’s south of Jerusalem in Efrat so he can provide you with a different perspective than I. Here are a few of his latest:

This report wouldn’t be complete without demonstrating the Israeli-Arab’s view (yes, for those of you wondering what I’m referring to, there are Arabs who live in Israel and may even have one Jewish parent… the results of intermarriage, think it can’t happen to you in America? Chas v’sholom!). The website shares the following glimpse into the Arab neighborhoods:

In eastern Jerusalem the evidence of two days of rioting by our Arab neighbors may be seen everywhere—burned out garbage cans and rocks strewn all over the main roads. There’s a heightened security presence of Border Patrol and IDF on all the major intersections in the southern and eastern parts of the capital.

All of this should point out to the world the absolute folly of even thinking about granting these people a state—but as condemnations of Israel roll in from the EU, the UN and an assortment of random governments, the work of standing strong against a two state solution becomes even more important.

That’s all for now; be well, stay safe, and stay tuned for my next report…

In the meantime, if you’d like to stay up on the news, here are a few reliable sources:


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