Mumbai Chabad Terrorist Attack

This is for those of you who were wondering if I’ve been living in a vacuum during the past week. I have hesitated to write about last week’s terror attack in Mumbai, India because I have nothing inspirational or rational to contribute to the thousands of blog posts and extensive media coverage.


  • Human beings are targeted because of their race, religion or country of origin by an insane and barbaric population;
  • World leaders sit back and do nothing evident in my mind to protect us from repeat attacks;
  • The Israeli government continues to release terrorists from their prisons in exchange for promises of peace mouthed by a people who profess to the world via a variety of easily accessible media outlets their denial of our right to exist;
  • Major governments, and factions within “respectable” populations continue to pour money into the pockets of terrorist organizations;
  • Good people are forced to travel unarmed;
  • and secular humanists defend the terrorist’s “cause” for reasons that baffle my mind.

What can I say?

May God avenge the blood of the innocent victims. And may He send Mashiach (the Messiah) soon. Amen.


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