Maybe Judah Maccabee IS Alive After All!

For those of you who might be worried about us because of the crap (pardon my English) that you see on the “news” (someday you might want to look up that word in the dictionary and compare it to what’s on the tube and radio), I thought I’d write to let you know that I had a fun day shopping with Carol (18-year-old daughter of our friends back in Cleveland who is here for a year of seminary) at the Shuk (Machane Yehuda market) and various malls and shops in Talpiot, while Michael & Yisrael stayed home and played.

While we were shopping, Carol received a text message from her school warning the girls not to go to Ashkelon or Sderot today because of the potential rocket attacks coming in from Gaza at our civilians. Please note that these rockets are not in retaliation for Israel’s attack on Gaza during the past 24 hours; Israel’s attack was in response to the 2+ years of thousands of rockets being fired by terrorists directly at Israeli civilian targets – most often the city of Sderot where Israeli men, women, and children have 15 seconds to run to a shelter when the code red alarm is sounded. Not a happy or healthy life, but it’s the price we’re paying in the “land for peace (a.k.a. piece) process.

While I was out having a good time, my fellow blogger David Bogner was busy informing his readers of today’s activities so I think I’ll direct you to him for the TRUTH of the matter. I also encourage you to subscribe to his blog (by clicking the orange feed button that appears on Internet Explorer’s tool bar once you’re at his blog; AOLers, sorry but I can’t help you with that).

Here are a few interesting articles from Arutz Sheva – Israel National News (usually a very reliable source of news):

IDF Releases Photos of Hamas Targets, Terror Training Facilities

Bombing was the ‘Most Lethal Attack on Gaza in Decades’

Operation ‘Cast Lead’ Begins; One Israeli and 205 Arabs are Dead

US Blames Hamas for War, Cautions Israel on Civilian Casualties

Mashaal Calls for ‘Third Intifada,’ Israeli Arabs Declare Strike – interesting response from the people who started the war in the first place. Maybe they should all be given a one-way ticket to Gaza. Are there any REAL MEN out there who would be willing to come to Israel and take over their jobs?

There’s some light-rail road work on Yaffo in Jerusalem that needs to be completed.

Last week I asked you to Join the 18 and mentioned an article titled “Where Have You Gone Judah Maccabee?”. Now that Israel has finally struck back at the terrorists, I’m hopeful that Judah’s spirit is alive. On this last night of Chanukah, fueled by the courage of the Maccabees, we’re happy, safe and sound in our West Bank desert location while the fighting continues in Gaza on the Mediterranean coast. May the God of Israel protect and guide our brave men and women. Say a prayer for all and have a good night’s sleep.

We took a walk around the neighborhood tonight taking photos of chanukiahs so we could share some more light with you, but many of the photos didn’t turn out well. Many families have glass boxes (like aquariums) that they put their chanukiah outside in, here’s one.


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