Kadima’s View of the Israeli Public

With elections coming up next week its always good to keep up-to-date on what the politicians are saying in their attempts to persuade us to vote for them. Well in Kadima MKs: Only Schalit’s release can win us election published last week in the Jerusalem Post, the Kadima party strategist states:

“Within two weeks, people will forget that there was a war,” Chorev said. “We live in a country where no one even remembers that there was a terrorist attack as soon as funerals are over.”

What arrogance! So this is what Kadima thinks of the Israeli public? Obviously it is how they feel regarding terrorist attacks and prisoners of war. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, NO NEGOTIATING WITH TERRORISTS! Stop the humanitarian aid and medical services going into Gaza until Gilad Shalit is returned home. The problem with this current government is that it is too wishy-washy and willing to give in to demands (oftentimes before the other side even makes a demand!)

David Bogner suggests in his Treppenwitz blog a new campaign slogan for Kadima:

Kadima. We do what we want, because the Israeli public has the collective memory of a goldfish!

I believe David has profiled Kadima quite accurately.


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