JPost: Aliya gets a step up

There I go opening my mouth again and ending up in the newspaper! And they never manage to print what I actually say – often using words that are just not natural for my vocabulary. But Ruth Eglash at least got the gist of our conversation despite a few minor details. So I submitted a comment of correction to be posted at the bottom of the article – just in case they don’t post it, here’s what it said:

I am not originally from Cleveland, I’m from NY and moved here from Cleveland in July.

We still don’t have our driver’s licenses. For Details about our driving lesson/test adventures – and other bureaucratic nightmares – visit our Almost Eden blog at

Additonally, the photo of Yisrael standing next to our 9 huge pieces of luggage was taken by me, not Jacob Richman, but Jacob’s a great guy and I won’t deny him the publicity.

Just in case the article isn’t available online when you attempt to view it (which I find happens rather often if you don’t have a paid subscription to the Jerusalem Post) I created PDF versions of the article:


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