Jacob Richman is Voting for Ichud Leumi

And here’s why:
1) Ichud Leumi is against a Palestinian State
2) Ichud Leumi is for buildng in all parts of Israel.
3) Ichud Leumi will support a right wing government lead by the Likud and Bibi Netanyahu.
Read Jacob’s detailed explaination on each of these issues.

Jacob thinks (and I agree) that the next government’s focus should be:

  • Prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power
  • Implement programs to lesson the impact of the wordwide recession
  • Return Judaism and Jewish values back into the educational system
  • Give a fatal blow to anyone that attacks Israel (even one rocket)
  • Withstand the pressure of the world (and USA) for a deadly Palestinian State.
  • Build and expand cities and towns all over Israel (including Judea and Samaria).

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