Inspirational Chanukah Gifts for the Whole Family

It’s tempting to buy another pretty dreidel and chocolate coins (that later lead to more dental fillings), or give in to the kids’ pleading for secular toys screaming out at them from the shelves of every type of store this time of year, or dollar/shekel store toys that break before the holiday is over (either because they weren’t made well or because you later questioned your sanity over buying yet another annoying spinning musical top – or Maccabee swords that lead to endless fighting that makes you want to tear your hair out – and “oops” you crush it by mistake, of course!)

In the interest of Shalom Bayit (or Bayis, if you prefer) and future generations, I highly recommend (and own) the following as great inspirational and educational Chanukah gifts the whole family will enjoy throughout the year.

*** Agent Emes In Shushan Shpittsburgh ***

If you’re not familiar with the Agent Emes video/DVD series, your children have been missing out on some special wholesome Jewish entertainment! We’ve been following the series since it began 10 episodes ago and are delighted with the metamorphosis of the characters and the improved quality of both scripts and technology.

In this latest episode Agent Emes finds himself and his fellow residents of “Shpittsburgh” to be the victims of harsh and incomprehensible decrees, against all the Jews, threatening their future in the city. What will Agent Emes and the righteous Jews of the city do to reverse the decrees? You’ll have to buy the video to find out!

If your family hasn’t already seen it, another great option is “Agent Emes and the Happy Chanukah” – or better yet get a 35% discount by ordering the 10-DVD bundle!

*** With All Your Might – The Torah of Eretz Yisrael in the Weekly Parashah ***

The two volume set embodies the Maccabiam spirit of love of Torah, Eretz Yisrael and national independence as they are evident in the weekly readings of the parshiot.  This is an excellent Chanukah gift for adults and teens on either side of the ocean.

If Amazon runs out (they only have 5 left right now!) before you are able to place an order, you may still be able to find a set at your local Jewish book store. In Israel the set is available at many book stores – if you can’t find it let me know and I’ll put you directly in touch with Rabbi Kahana who will personally try to find you a set before Chanukah!

If you have a special gift idea you believe fits into the realm of inspirational and/or educational and fun, please feel free to share it in the comments section below.


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