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This is a short-term opportunity for website owners and bloggers – you can now earn extra money with by placing banner or text links on your website, blog, or  email newsletters directing people to the site where they can purchase their Israeli or Yanover Lulav & Esrog sets for Sukkot.  They also have a program for schools, synagogues, organization and shop owners to earn money by placing bulk orders at wholesale prices. From their site:

Kosher certified by the CRC (Hisachdus Harabonim),  you can rest assurred that the people you send to our site are getting an arba minim set that meets the highest standard of kashrus.

For almost sixty years, the famous world-reknowned Rabbi S. Horowitz (Rabbi of Cong. Beitch) and family, have been importers and distributors of the finest, most mehudar Yanover Esrogim. We travel to Calabria, Italy together with qualified mashgichim to harvest the esrogim, bringing Jewish communities the absolute best. In addition to esrogim, we also import Lulavim, Hadassim, and Arovos. As direct importers, we are able to give the public the best prices.

We sell complete mehudar esrog sets, individually or in bulk. For wholesale orders, please contact us by phone at 888-969-3776 or e-mail

Please visit their Affiliate registration page for program details.


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