Heading to NYC

July 8, 2008
After a wonderfully relaxing weekend (well it would have been if Mom hadn’t been hospitalized for losing sight in her left eye) at Vincent & Valerie’s house in Gloversville, we drove down to Queens (5 hours/ 210 miles) where we checked into the Comfort Inn near JFK airportNEVER stay there! It was awful. Imagine arriving with 9 huge pieces of luggage (20” x 20” x 20” boxes weighing 70 lbs each) + 6 smaller (and heavy) carry-on pieces to discover that the entrance to the hotel is below street level and you have to drag a small and cheaply made cart that will only hold 2 of the larger pieces at a time on a narrow and winding ramp (with 180 degree turns) to get into the hotel and then cross a small lobby into a tiny elevator up to the top level of the hotel because they couldn’t possibly give us a room on the first floor! I wish I had taken pictures because you couldn’t possibly imagine how terrible it was.

Oh, and there was no place to park either. The city sanitation department is across the street and the parking lot adjacent to the hotel belongs to them! So Michael parked our 22 ft Penske rental truck at the curb and unloaded. Then he drove a mile or so to return the truck and walked back at dusk on some streets in Queens that I didn’t think he should be alone on (at least not without a gun).

Concerned about how we were going to get all of our luggage to the airport, I asked the woman at the desk. In broken English she told me that we would have to take 2 trips with their van to get it all there. Michael asked about assistance in bringing this all down from our room in the morning and was assured there would be someone to help us. She told us to come down a little before 8 am in order for us to get everything to the airport by 9.

Vehicle-less and clueless of the location of a reasonably priced kosher restaurant near our hotel, we “feasted” on LaBruite meals (yuk!) – http://www.labriutemeals.com/ – showered and settled down for a not-so-comfortable night’s sleep on hard mattresses.

Another perspective… Yisrael loved the room because it had a wide screen TV mounted on the wall, something he’s been (and will continue to be) deprived of at home.


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