Google Maps – Israel WARNING!

This morning I had a meeting at a client’s office in Ramat Gan. The last time I was there I was stuck in miserable morning traffic for over an hour (it was supposed to be a 16 minute drive according to Google Maps), so today I decided to see if I could plot a better route.

Still in an American mindset about the way an address should be written, I went to Google Maps and entered
155 Jabotinsky St, Ramat Gan, Israel and this map displayed.

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Then I entered my home address and received and printed the directions. I took Michael to work and Yisrael to school and then took a good look at the map before heading toward Tel Aviv. Something just didn’t seem right, I remembered the building being on the corner of Ben Gurion but this map was showing Derech Namir as the cross street.

Having my laptop with me, I went back to Google Maps and entered Jabotinsky 155, Ramat Gan, Israel and the correct map displayed!

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The two addresses are 3.3 km apart.

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So beware next time you use Google Maps to plan a trip in Israel!

I guess I need to learn how to use the GPS that’s built into the car phone – but it’s all in Hebrew (I’m sorry they didn’t have online Ulpan La-Inyan web-based classes while I was still in the U.S. – with their help I might have arrived here somewhat fluent) 🙁


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