Finally Moving!

Thursday, July 3rd – Today we:

  • Slaved away doing the final cleaning out of the house.
  • Packed and inventoried the checked luggage.
  • Sold our 2 Honda Elements back to Motorcars Honda (a great place to buy and service vehicles – excellent customer service) and cashed the checks.
    Pair of Honda Elements
  • Picked up Michael’s new progressive lens glasses (after 3 times of them trying to get the prescription right)
  • Picked up and loaded our 22 ft Penske rental truck.

Our Transport to NY!

So you’re wondering why we had a 22 ft truck? Well, a few reasons:

  1. That’s the smallest truck they had with 3 seats in it.
  2. We had a large load of household stuff left over after our garage sale and I would rather give things to family than sell them for peanuts to anti-Zionistic community members.
  3. After the shippers took our stuff (in two 7’ long x 3.5’ wide x 7.5’ high crates) , we found more stuff (it seemed to be multiplying) that we didn’t want to part with so we’re storing it at Vin & Val’s for a future shipment (THANK YOU Vin & Val!)

Thanks Paula for playing chauffeur!


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