Exiting the Twilight Zone!

About an hour before Rosh HaShanah, while I was in the middle of ironing about a dozen white shirts, I received a call from Shelley Brinn (Ma’aleh Adumim’s Aliyah Coordinator) informing me that Yisrael could start school at Sde Chemed on Friday morning! Yeah!

This morning I met with her after she spoke with the Principal of the school and learned that she (the Principal) realized that there was no choice in the matter – Yisrael had to attend her school and she was going to make the best of it. The reason she hadn’t been excited to receive him was that she has a new teacher in 2nd grade who doesn’t speak English and none of the 18 boys in the class do either. It doesn’t seem to matter to Yisrael, he’s still looking forward to going there.

I rushed around today buying food for Shabbat (not an easy thing to do on a fast day – and not advisable to shop when one is hungry as I brought home more bags than anticipated) and then went to the book store to exchange the books we bought for the other school with the new ones needed. Nothing around here is simple. Suffice it to say that I paid another 300 shekels, was short 4 books that they don’t have in stock, and need to come back when the owner is there to get my money back on the books I wanted to return. And I had to carry them ALL back home with me – good thing I brought two shopping bags.

It’s late and I now have to label and cover the new books to send to school with him tomorrow morning, so that’s all for now…


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