Do You Need to be Hit Over the Head?

You may have noticed that over the past six months of blogging (and few years of in-person nagging) that I’ve been trying to convince you (my Jewish readers and friends) to make Aliyah. Well, things have heated up around the world and just in case you’ve been burying your head in the sand or dwelling in a cave lately I have decided to give you a synopsis of recent events because I’m worried that time is running out.

I believe that Israel is the safest place in the world for Jews to be living during this time in history. I worry that many people have bought into the “Never Again!” slogan to the point of assuming by believing it would become a guarantee (no disrepect intended as I envy your emunah).

Worldwide Increase in Anti-Semitism

This month the following anti-Jewish and anti-Israel protests and attacks have occured outside of Israel. It is foolish to think that this level of hatred and anti-Semitism was strictly the result of Israel’s decision to (finally) fight back at Gaza’s terrorists. Israel’s attack on terrorism was just a vehicle to bring your neighbor’s hatred toward you to the surface. God is sending you a message and here it is in living color and sound.

This is just a sampling of what’s out there…

United States

California: Los Angeles

“Love Long Hitler,Put Jews in Ovens” is chanted by Hamas supporters in front of the Israeli Consulate.

Dense crowd chants “Allahu Akbar!” at the corner of Wilshire and Veteran. A Mercedes Benz drove up the street waving an Israeli flag out of the car’s sunroof and the crowd attacked.

Another child’s mind is poisoned in the U.S.

In this clip the Moslem women are chanting “Long live the Intifada” and “Bush, Olmert you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide”.

Crowds surround and challenge the L.A.P.D.

If that weren’t enough, Ringo was there and has a more detailed report for you with lots more pictures. Here’s a sampling of the slogans on the protestors’ signs:

“Withholding food, fuel and medical supplies is a war crime”
Obviously another ignorant American who isn’t aware that Israel is probably the only nation in the world who stops a war for three hours each day in order to allow food and medical supplies into the enemy’s camp – while the enemy continues to fire on Israel’s civilian population.

“Hey Israel Get Ready Just Like the Dinosaurs You Soon Will Be Extinct Jesus “The terminator” Will Get you”
So much for support from your Christian neighbors.

“JUSTICE FOR PALESTINE Support The Right of Return!
I guess he didn’t hear the news that there’s no such thing as a Palestinian Arab!

“Zionism is the problem, not Hamas. Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid, Southern California”
And these people have 501[c](3) tax status!

“OBAMA is change coming? AMERICA NEEDS CHANGE IN FOREIGN POLICY TOO! The world hates us because of Iraq. Free Palestine and the world WILL love US.”
Do you want to live in a country where the world will love you at the cost of the land flowing with milk and honey promised to your ancestors by GOD?

“Ask Not What You Can do For the Zionists! Ask What they have done to you AMERICA”
Hmmm… so this person thinks the Jews have done bad things to America. I guess no credit is due for all the prosperity caused by Jews in the US during the good years. Did it only take one bad apple (Bernie Madoff) to cause this hatred or was it always there waiting to surface when they no longer found Jews profitable for them?

“Upgrade to Holocaust Version 2.0”

“Israel=Nazi Gaza=Holocaust Camp Stop the Genocide”
Islam has been re-writing history and it seems to be working.

“Israel is a Terrorist State! Free Palestine!”
Excuse me? Who has been terrorizing whose citizens for the past decade? This is like the time that my little sister told my mother that my brother hit her. My mother punished my brother and later found out that my sister had been the one to hit my brother. Do you think the world will wake up to a similar realization? Are you willing to chance it?

California: San Francisco, 10-Jan-2009
Several thousand protestors carried on in a fashion similiar to those in Los Angeles with equally offensive signs.

Source: Zomblog – where you’ll find all the photos he took at this rally.

Florida: Fort Lauderdale
In Fort Lauderdale, Palestinian supporters sneer at Jews, “You need a big oven, that’s what you need!”
(ref: Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn in the Orange County Register

New York: New York City
The Daily News reported, “thousands of Palestinian supporters demonstrated in Times Square Saturday to protest Israel’s punishing military offensive…” with the “wave of protesters stretched across three blocks, dwarfing the dozens of boisterous supporters of Israel assembled across Seventh Ave”.

Fortunately there were enough pro-Israel supporters in attendance to get the ear of the press and make some intelligent comments in the article. Thumbs up to the Daily News for publishing them.

Ignorance must be bliss… in a Gothamist article, a Palestinian supporter told WCBS 880, “Anywhere around the world, it would be horrifying. It doesn’t matter where you come from, when you see innocent people dying for no reason at all.”

More photos and videos of the New York event are available at Berman Post

Ohio: Cleveland
A few words from a representative of the Middle East Peace Forum of Cleveland. I think we should send him to Gaza to talk with Hamas since he thinks that’s what someone should do.

Ohio: Columbus
On 05-January-2009 several thousand pro-Arabs joined Pranav Jani, Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University (who was introduced with some sort of connection with the International Socialist Organization) at an anti-Semetic rally. Jani refused to admit that Hamas is a terrorist organization, and applied moral equivalence to the United States. Jani led the chant “Long live the Intifada” and rejects a two state solution to the conflict. He, and it seemed, all the Palestinians and supporters at the rally support a one state solution as they chanted the familiar mantra “from the river to the sea”.

Washington, D.C.
The This ain’t hell, But you can see it from here blog did a nice job of documenting the January 10th rally in Lafayette Park. The International Communist League was in attendance along with thousands of pro-terrorist supporters.

Another great photo documentary on this rally was done by Marooned In Marin.

Around the World


Brussels: A Molotov cocktail is hurled at a synagogue.
Antwerp: Lit rags are pushed through the mail flap of a Jewish home.
(ref: Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn in the Orange County Register

Children carrying effigies of dead and bloodied babies were at the head of a march through the Belgian capital as demonstrators there also demanded a halt to Israel’s military campaign. Protesters burned an Israeli flag during the demonstration.
Source: Mail Online World News, 11-Jan-2009


Calgary: White supremacist neo-Nazi group Aryan Guard were among 1200 people who participated in the January 10th Gaza War “peace” protest. “Basically, polar opposites were protesting together,” said Robert Thivierge, who attended the pro-test to take photographs and was surprised to see the Aryan Guard peacefully marching alongside protesters of all nationalities.
Source: Calgary Herald, 12-Jan-2009

Photos of the protest taken by Robert Thivierge.

In related article in the National Post, Kevin Libin points out that “Critics of Israel are often quick to insist that they’re not anti-Semitic—just anti-Zionist, anti-“occupation,” or something along those lines. But not these guys: at a protest against Israel in downtown Calgary on the weekend, the Nazi group, the Aryan Guard, showed up to march alongside the Muslims. Of course, the Aryan Guard is honest enough to admit they just plain hate Jews, not bothering to strain themselves with arguments of nuance. They fit right in on Saturday with their posters of Israeli flags defaced with the accusation “Terror State.”

He goes on to explain that the organizers of the anti-Israel rally attempted to deny freedom of demonstration to a pro-Israel supporter the previous week and says “The anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, anti-whatever protestors should indeed get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to accusations of being Jew-haters. But attempting to suppress the rights of Israel’s supporters, while standing up for the rights of Nazis to march alongside them arm-in-arm, can only make drawing that distinction a lot more difficult.”

And how did Calgary’s Jews react to this? According to the Calgary Sun: “In a statement, the Mideast violence was condemned by Adam Singer of the Calgary Jewish Community Council. But he said Israel “has shown remarkable patience in not responding” to rocket attacks from Gaza up to now. “Our thoughts are with all those who are suffering in this conflict.” Hats off to Mr. Singer for not cowing to the media and popular opinion.

Toronto: Anti-Israel demonstrators yell “You are the brothers of pigs!,” and a protester complains to his interviewer that “Hitler didn’t do a good job.”
Source: Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn in the Orange County Register


Copenhagen: Anti-Semitic demonstration in Copenhagen’s main square. After giving a Nazi salute one of the protesters says in Danish “from the river to the sea Palestine will be free” and “We want to kill all the Jews, all the Jews should be slain, they have no right to exist!”, among many other offensive statements in Arabic and Danish.

Source: Ted Ekeroth blog, 11-Jan-2009.

Taken at the same rally this video shows pro-Palestinian protesters screaming “Hitler! Heil Hitler! Hitler! Hitler!”. Later in the video, according to some commenters, one of the protesters yells in Danish, “We must just kill all those Jews, man!”

Odense: Principal Olav Nielsen announces that he will no longer admit Jewish children to the local school after a Dane of Lebanese extraction goes to the shopping mall and shoots two men working at the Dead Sea Products store.
Source: Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn in the Orange County Register and UK Telegraph


London: The Community Security Trust (a Jewish Charity) reported 24 anti-Semitic incidents in the past week; the most serious occurred on Saturday when three youths tried to set fire to Brondesbury Park Synagogue in northwest London. The CST said that the threats had increased after calls from Hamas leaders to attack Jewish people around the world.
Source: UK Telegraph, 06-Jan-2009

In London, the police advise British Jews to review their security procedures because of potential revenge attacks. The Sun reports “fears” that “Islamic extremists” are drawing up a “hit list” of prominent Jews, including the Foreign Secretary, Amy Winehouse’s record producer, and the late Princess of Wales’s divorce lawyer.
Source: Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn in the Orange County Register

10-Jan-09: Pro-Palestinians Attack London Police (who certainly could never qualify to work beside New York’s finest)

Violent clashes occurred between police and around 20,000 protesters outside the Israeli Embassy – with an estimated 100,000 protesters airing their views around the city. Windows were smashed and policemen were injured – with one officer knocked unconscious in the running battles and two requiring treatment for facial injuries. A Starbucks coffee shop was completely wrecked as protesters went on the rampage in Kensington.

Source: Mail Online World News, 11-Jan-2009

And the London Police retreat


Auber RER train station: A Jewish man is savagely assaulted by 20 youths taunting, “Palestine will kill the Jews”.
Source: Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn in the Orange County Register

Bordeaux: France’s Union of Jewish Students recorded two attacks on kosher stores in Bordeaux.
Source: UK Telegraph, 06-Jan-2009

Paris: The state-owned TV network France-2 broadcasts film of dozens of dead Palestinians killed in an Israeli air raid on New Year’s Day. The channel subsequently admits that, in fact, the footage is not from Jan. 1, 2009, but from 2005, and, while the corpses are certainly Palestinian, they were killed when a truck loaded with Hamas explosives detonated prematurely while leaving the Jabaliya refugee camp in another of those unfortunate work-related accidents to which Gaza is sadly prone. Conceding that the Palestinians supposedly killed by Israel were, alas, killed by Hamas, France-2 says the footage was broadcast “accidentally.”
Source: Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn in the Orange County Register

On Saturday, a pro-Palestinian demonstration turned violent, with a mob of around 500 protesters burning cars and looting a Paris jewellers.
Source: UK Telegraph, 06-Jan-2009

Toulouse: Unidentified attackers rammed a car into the gate outside a synagogue and set it on fire with a petrol bomb. No one was hurt, but it has revived memories of a sharp upturn in anti-Semitic crimes in 2000, with the outbreak of the second intifada or Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation. In 2002, as fighting raged in the Middle East and Afghanistan prior to the allied invasion of Iraq, some 2,300 Jews left France for Israel because they felt unsafe.
Leila Shahid, the Palestinian envoy to the European Union, said there was undoubtedly a link between the attack and fury among France’s five million Muslims at “images from Gaza”.
Source: UK Telegraph, 06-Jan-2009

Villiers-le-Bel: A Jewish schoolgirl is brutally beaten by a gang jeering, “Jews must die.”
Source: Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn in the Orange County Register

Holland: Amsterdam

The crowd shouts, “Hamas, Hamas! Jews to the gas!”
Source: Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn in the Orange County Register

India: Mumbai

Just weeks ago, terrorists attacked Mumbai, seized hostages, tortured them, killed them, and mutilated their bodies. The police intercepts of the phone conversations between the terrorists and their controllers make for lively reading:

“Pakistan caller 1: ‘Kill all hostages, except the two Muslims. Keep your phone switched on so that we can hear the gunfire.’

“Mumbai terrorist 2: ‘We have three foreigners, including women. From Singapore and China’

“Pakistan caller 1: ‘Kill them.’

“(Voices of gunmen can be heard directing hostages to stand in a line, and telling two Muslims to stand aside. Sound of gunfire. Sound of cheering voices.)”
Source: Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn in the Orange County Register

Ireland: Belfast

A 5,000-strong crowd gathered in the centre of Belfast, in a pro-Palestinian protest event organised by the Irish Congress of Trades Unions.

Belfast Lord Mayor Tom Hartley of Sinn Fein said: ‘The full-scale military assault on Gaza has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people including the slaughter of women and children. ‘Our demands today are simple: The war in Gaza must end now.’
Source: Mail Online World News, 11-Jan-2009

Three to five thousand protesters took to the streets in Belfast. Anti-Israel protesters surrounded an Israeli-owned kiosk (which sells spa products from the Dead Sea) and screamed “Boycott Israeli goods!” while showering the kiosk with hundreds of leaflets. According to the on-site witness, “The staff of the targeted stall were visibly shaken, one woman and one man reduced to tears.” One of these same Israeli kiosks in Denmark had been violently attacked eight days earlier by a Palestinian who shot both the employees; the Belfast kiosk employees must have been fearing for their lives.


A few thousand people in Italy marched in pro-Palestinian rallies in Rome, Naples and Verona. In Rome, municipal authorities erased graffiti – including Stars of David and swastikas – that were scrawled on Jewish-owned stores and restaurants overnight.
Source: Mail Online World News, 11-Jan-2009

Spain: Madrid

More than 250,000 protesters filled downtown boulevards carrying banners saying ‘Peace’ and ‘SOS Gaza’ placards above pictures of a red-stained hand and mock blood-spattered bodies of children. Some carried signs equating swastikas with Stars of David.

Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem’s mother Pilar, addressed a crowd: ‘The Spanish government has to do something. The Gaza Strip is now practically a concentration camp.’
‘It is my duty to call on Israel to implement an immediate cease-fire,’ Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero told the protest in Ourense.
Source: Mail Online World News, 11-Jan-2009

Sweden: Helsingborg

The congregation at a synagogue takes shelter as a window is broken and burning cloths thrown in.
Source: Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn in the Orange County Register

I have downloaded each of these videos in case YouTube or LiveLeak is pressured by Arabs to remove them, so please let me know if any are missing when you view this page.

Please come home now!


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