Do Me a Favor?

Will you please take a look at this Middle East map? See if you can find Israel. Having trouble? Hint: It’s between the 30 and 45 degree North latitude lines – and 30 and 45 degree East longitude lines – in a tiny gray area on the east side of the Mediterranean Sea. This map also labels it at “Palestine”.

Now take a look at the size of the neighboring Arab (or predominately Arab) countries; Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.

Here’s a more detailed map of Israel. Do you see the white areas that have been carved out of the Jewish homeland? Those white areas, which include the city of 40,000 Jews we live in, are what America and Europe are pressuring Israel to give to the “Palestinian people” (a people you won’t find in any history books except the ones created by their supporters) in a two-state solution. A “solution” that is proposed to bring peace between Israelis and Arabs. Those same people who scream in every media outlet that they want all Jews driven into the sea (i.e., dead) and haven’t ceased firing rockets into Israel during this “peace process”.

My dear American friends, would you give away Long Island, Florida, Southern California, Texas, or maybe Washington D.C. to terrorists in an effort to gain peace with people who tell the world they’re determined to destroy your entire nation?

My friend David Bogner has some important questions for you. Please read them and view the video. Then use the comment box below to let me know what you think.

Be forewarned and prepared!


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