Counting our Many Blessings

soldier-shipFrom the awesome view of Jerusalem and our ability to easily travel there whenever we want, to the variety of kosher l’Pesach foods, the feeling of connectedness with everyone we meet, perfect holiday weather, and the smiles on the faces of the kaleidoscope of nationalities blending into Am Israel, we feel so extremely blessed to be living in this Holy Land! And that’s just the simple things… then there are the incredibly humble yet learned Rabbis who provide us with their sweet guidance and the men and women of the IDF who joyfully serve our nation. [continue to video…]

Having known many American soldiers over the years, I can honestly say that the Israeli soldiers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and sharing my home with are a step above – no, many steps above… in respectfulness and manners, knowledge, passion and pride of their heritage, responsibility and accountability, ethics and integrity, and focus on their future and that of future generations.

Thank you and chag sameach to all of you for serving and protecting this holy nation!


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