Combat the Boycotts – Support Israel

If you are in Israel show your support by doing business with the following companies (to help combat the monetary losses incurred by our enemy’s boycotts).

Abadi Bakery
Achiya olive oil
Achva (halva & cookies)
Adanim Tea
Adir plastics
AFIC mineral products
Amgazit gas products
Aroma fresh spices
Ay Tech computer accessories

B & D (juices, rice cakes, natural spreads)
Beigel & Beigel (pretzels)
Beitili furniture
Bianco cleaning products (NIcole, Scotch-Brite)
Brita water filters

Carmel Carpets
Carmel Wineries

Fibertech Piping
Fried blankets, towels
Fried Produce (nuts)

Gazoz carbonated drinks
Golan Dairy
Golan Wineries

HaSharon Fruits

Intellinet security & marketing

Lipsky plastic piping

Maya (spices, dried fruits)
Mei Eden mineral water
Mineral Kar

Nahar HaYarden (Jordan River dates)

P.V. Ran plastic & paper
Palphot student aids, greeting cards
Progressive kitchen utensils

Rav Bariach Locks & Doors

Schick Design furniture
Shamir salads
Super Drink
Supergum rubber, plastic, insulation

Taaman (chocolates, canned foods, juices)
Tal-El recycling
Tara Dairies
Tekoa mushrooms

Tzuriel cheeses & yogurts

Zrichah Industries
Zro’ot Barkan (electronic product stands)

Thanks to Ruth Siegman for organizing this list.


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