Clothes Pins and Bank Accounts

Monday, July 14th:

Sanne, our very kind landlady, drove us up to Kikar Yaalom (the old shopping center across the street from the new mall) and took us to the hardware store. We couldn’t find the adapters we needed for our phone, but did buy 2 clothes drying racks and clothes pins.
Clothes Drying
Even the hanging laundry enjoys the view!

After that Sanne took our purchases home and we stayed and opened accounts at Bank Leumi.
Bank Leumi
Between the long line of people waiting and the process this took about 1-1/2 hours with the help of a very nice English speaking clerk from Brooklyn named Zahava. All the paperwork in Hebrew was a bit overwhelming, but then I reminded myself that I never read all those U.S. bank disclosures anyway (and I worked for a bank!) I may think differently when our first statement comes – will that be in the mail? Not sure, but we do have online banking and I have managed to log on and find everything I need (in English).

One interesting thing about this bank is that they gave us a dollar account separate from the shekel account. I thought it was for our convenience until Zahava declined my offer to deposit a thousand US dollars in the newly opened account. She told me that it would be better for me to change the dollars to shekels at the Post Office and deposit those because of the bank’s lower exchange rate and higher fees.


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