CJN: They can go home again!

We were featured, along with 5 other families, in the May 23rd edition of the Cleveland Jewish News in an article titled They can go home again! (hint: click the link to see the full article and photos)

Here’s what Senior Staff Reporter Arlene Fine reaped from our conversations and e-mails:

Commanded to live in the holy land
“Israel is the holy land, and we are commanded by God to live in the holy land,” says Fuchs Mizrachi parent Teresa Hessler, who along with her husband Michael and their 7-
year-old son Yisrael will be following that commandment.

As soon as Nefesh B’Nefesh (an aliyah support agency) confirms their July flight date, they will leave Cleveland to settle in Ma’aleh Adumin, a town five miles east of

Michael, a data base administrator and chemical engineer who is originally from St. Louis, and Teresa, a writer and native New Yorker, are eager to call Israel home although
neither one of them will be guaranteed a job when they arrive.

“When we visited Israel in January, we were told that Israeli companies don’t like to hire Americans until we are actually living there,” says Teresa. “They said to call when we land. But I have been told there is lots of work for English writers in the technical arena there.”

The Hesslers, who are both Jews-by-choice and are members of Young Israel of Greater Cleveland, Torat Tzion Kollel, and the Orthodox Union, say they have been working toward this goal for years. Yet, the couple is constantly reassuring both sets of parents about their decision.

“Our relatives are worried about our safety because of misinformation from mainstream media,” says Teresa. “We share photos and videos of our January trip to Israel to
show them that it is a civilized and modern country. We also send them photos and articles from friends and honest news services regarding the truth about what is happening
in Israel.”

What will the Hesslers miss the most from the States? “Our family, friends and our Honda Element,” says Teresa. “But we have made lots of new friends online through various
Yahoo and Nefesh B’Nefesh e-mail lists. And Michael and I plan to attend ulpan (Hebrew language classes) as soon as we get settled. Right now Yisrael’s Hebrew skills (he is a
Fuchs Mizrachi student) are better than his mom’s and dad’s.”


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